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Woman Finds Genius Way Everyone Could Have Survived Brutal Challenge On Squid Game

Woman Finds Genius Way Everyone Could Have Survived Brutal Challenge On Squid Game

A TikToker has gone viral after revealing a genius way for Squid Game contestants to survive the marble game

Anish Vij

Anish Vij

Warning: Squid Game spoilers ahead

A TikToker has shared a genius way everyone could have survived the brutal marble game on Squid Game. Watch the viral vid below:

The clip was uploaded by @ladyanne0429 and she reckons 'there's a way for both partners to survive the marble game'.

Firstly, the rules are: "In this game, using your set of ten marbles, you will play the game of your choice with your partner.

"The player who manages to take all ten marbles from their partner wins."


LadyAnne hits back and argues: "The rules said you must take your partner's marbles, but it didn't stipulate that you must have all 20 marbles."

The TikToker then uses the example of Sang-woo and Ali, who have ten marbles each.

If Sang-woo is able to take one of Ali's marbles whilst Ali is to take one of Sang-woo's marbles, and so on and so forth, then each player will be able to take 10 marbles from each opponent by the end of the game, which means they both 'technically' stay alive.

In the show, Sang-woo tricks Ali into handing over his marbles, resulting in the latter's death.


The viral post was uploaded last month and racked up a mega 6.5 million views with 800,000 likes.

Some users thought the TikToker's idea was genius, while others had some different theories.

One user wrote: "Omgggg this makes sense."

A second user asked: "Why has no one realised that multiple people could have won in the end?"

Another argued: "If Sang-Woo knew about this, I'm not even sure if he would've told Ali."

Someone else went further and commented: "People are still mad at Sang-Woo I think y'all are forgetting the game is about life and death, no time for empathy."


For those who still haven't watched the hit series, the premise for the South Korean show is pretty straight forward - 456 players who are in major financial ruin compete against one other in a selection of deadly children's games for a prize of 45.6 billion won - roughly around £23.2 million.

If you don't win or decide that you want to leave the competition, well, you can probably guess what happens.

As per IMDb, the Squid Game synopsis reads: "It's all fun and games - until it isn't.

"Over 450 people are abducted from the streets, all partaking in the 'Squid Game', where the contestants must fight for the ultimate prize: their lives on the line, on top of an unknown amount of life-changing money.

"It's the survival of the fittest, and there's no room for error."

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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