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Woman Travels '80 Blocks' For First Date As New York Battered By Hurricane Ida

Jess Hardiman

| Last updated 

Woman Travels '80 Blocks' For First Date As New York Battered By Hurricane Ida

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@cassidydangler

A woman has shared the story of her date from hell, having travelled 80 blocks to meet a guy in a hurricane - getting suitably soaked in the process. You can watch her journey here:


Cassidy Dangler (@cassidydangler) was going on a first date with a guy in New York City, having decided to go rock climbing together.

However, as you no doubt know, New York is currently being battered by Hurricane Ida, which has left homes and subways severely flooded across the city.

Documenting her arduous journey to get there in a TikTok video, Cassidy wrote in the caption: "When you accidentally go on a first date in a hurricane because you feel bad cancelling last minute and he wants to go."

In the video, she filmed herself making her way to the rock climbing centre in a rain coat - her umbrella turned inside-out from the stormy weather.

Credit: TikTok/@cassidydangler
Credit: TikTok/@cassidydangler

She said: "This is me on my way to a first date. My umbrella is flipped over...

"I'm soaked. I just had to document this. You've gotta be kidding me!

"I'm just saying, if I don't find love with this kind of effort put in, then WHO WILL?"

In a caption, she added: "Also he lived 10 blocks away, I lived 80."

Cassidy's video continued as she offered up a debrief for viewers immediately after the date - which didn't sound like it went too well.

Credit: TikTok/@cassidydangler
Credit: TikTok/@cassidydangler

She said the date was 'one single hour long', and that he had made her pay for herself despite her trudging 80 blocks across town.

"We walked outside and he said, 'Yeah you're right we should've rescheduled'," Cassidy said, before looking into the camera and shouting: "B****."

Taking off her boot and pouring the murky rainwater out of it, Cassidy exclaimed: "Oh my God."

In the caption, she added: "The colour sent me."

Credit: TikTok/@cassidydangler
Credit: TikTok/@cassidydangler

After a brief ride on the train, Cassidy continued her journey home by 'literally sloshing through giant puddles'.

"No man on Earth has ever met a woman this way," she said.

"You know, it's moments like this when you really know whether you're a Sex and the City kind of New York girl or when you're a Broad City kind of New York girl.

"Guess which one I am?!"

Eventually, she made it home for a margarita on the sofa, telling her housemate while she dried off that she gave the experience '0/10'.

Credit: TikTok/@cassidydangler
Credit: TikTok/@cassidydangler

"I do not recommend going on a date in a tornado/hurricane," Cassidy warned, raising her glass and saying: "Cheers to dating in New York City."

Her dating woes racked up 2.1 million views on TikTok, along with more than 350,000 likes and thousands of comments.

One person told her: "No date is worth this."

Another said: "They say dating in New York is hard but wow."

A third added: "Girl you are a prize and he's the water from your boot you know what I mean."

A fourth said: "NYC men scheduling dates next to their apartment and not paying is so typical, you deserve better!"

Cassidy also posted a follow-up video. Credit: TikTok/@cassidydangler
Cassidy also posted a follow-up video. Credit: TikTok/@cassidydangler

In another update, Cassidy explained that they went rock climbing - inside - rather than for drinks and dinner, but that she went along feeling 'excited' and just wanted to try and 'have fun'.

She said: "For those of you wondering, 'Is he going to get a second date?' Absolutely not, you're crazy. Hell no.

"It's fine because I had a really good date last night with a different guy."

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Jess Hardiman
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