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You Can Now Buy A 'Bullsh*t Button' To Press When Your Mate's Talking Nonsense

You Can Now Buy A 'Bullsh*t Button' To Press When Your Mate's Talking Nonsense

The button could take your bullsh*t-calling to the next level

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

Who has a friend who talks shit all the time? That's right, everyone.

Sometimes it goes unnoticed, sometimes you can let it slide, and sometimes you just have to call bullshit.

But if your mate talks so much bullshit that you get a sore throat from calling them out on it all the time, then you may be interested in acquiring your very own 'bullshit button'.

The button lights up when pressed and makes the call for you in one of five different ways:

. "Warning, warning, bullshit alert."

. "That was bullshit."

. "Bullshit detected, take precautions."

. "Oh come on now, that ain't even bullshit, that's horse shit."

. "Bullshit level def con five."

The novelty button is available on Amazon and eBay.

The handy button also comes with a Velcro pad on the back, so you can stick it on the table during likely bullshitting scenarios, such as in the pub, work meetings and first dates.

Judging by the reviews, customers have had an absolute whale of a time using it. One wrote: "Perhaps the most amazing and useful item I bought in my life. It changed my professional life and makes me laugh every time I use it."

"Very good quality and went down a storm in the office!"

Another said: "The recipient of this for the Office Secret Santa (2017) was highly amused and it raised much mirth and tittering around the office. Everyone wanted to press it and did so, more than once."

Fucking hell. Rave reviews. God only knows what it's like to have the kind of wild colleague that buys bullshit buttons. But hey, who doesn't want to raise 'much mirth and tittering around the office'?

That said, the button doesn't have to be used for your sad wanker colleagues or show-off loser mates. Why not take it around to gran's?

"Did you know I once met the Queen?"

"Warning, warning, bullshit alert."

"I did honestly, she said I had nice hair."

"That was bullshit."

"I quite living in an inclusive society and I am not afraid of death."

"Oh come on now, that ain't even bullshit, that's horseshit."

You can get your hands on the button on eBay or Amazon.

Unfortunately though, neither of the online marketplaces are currently selling a decent sense of humour.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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