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People shocked after London doctor shows his monthly payslip after nearly a decade of training

People shocked after London doctor shows his monthly payslip after nearly a decade of training

"Utterly, utterly unacceptable"

People have been left shocked after a London doctor with nearly a decade of training shared his monthly payslip.

Anyone who's read This is Going to Hurt - or just the news, for that matter - will know how severe the NHS crisis is and the struggles doctors and nurses face.

From working ungodly hours with no extra wage to suffering consistent cuts from the government, anyone going into the profession faces a tough road ahead.

And you could argue this is even harder for London doctors, as the city is one of the most expensive places to live in the world.

Demonstrating how little they get in return, doctor Souradip Mookerjee took to Twitter yesterday (20 February) to share his monthly wage.

He wrote: "My salary as a doctor in London working 40h weeks after 9 years of uni at Cambridge and a PhD."

People were left shocked by the monthly wage.

Take a little look, and you'll see that, after tax deductions, he takes home just £1671.47 for the full month. Considering the average rent in London is £935 pcm, well, that doesn't leave him with much to live on.

People were in such disbelief at the sum, they asked Souradip about the taxes he's paying.

He was more than happy to oblige, sharing a screenshot showing that there was nothing out of the norm - just his national insurance, NHS pension and student loan.

"Is there a London weighting? £1671 would only just cover rent and public transport in London," said another, to which Souradip replied, "This is including London weighting and you are correct."

One person shared their payslip from 13 years ago in 2010 when, like Souradip, they were a first year doctor.

Shockingly, their wage was actually a few quid more at £1677.02.

Another said: "For reference, this is only £200 more than I was paid in my first job 25 years ago AND I was provided with free hospital accommodation AND no tuition fees.

"Utterly, utterly unacceptable."

In response, one Twitter user said: "I worked as a nurse for 45 years and am totally appalled by this.

"Someone else has posted a payslip for FY1 from 13 years ago that is for virtually the same amount (£6 more in fact).

"Now let me see, how long have we had a Tory government?"

Souradip Mookerjee when he was a junior doctor.

Another commented: "This is outrageous! I cannot believe that a highly educated, highly skilled person with such huge responsibility can be paid so little.

"You and everyone who works in the NHS deserve so much more."

And a fellow graduate with a similar experience wrote: "Eight years of university got me pretty much the same upon graduation, wages are depressed as hell across the board and having a PhD gets you sod all it seems.

"Sometimes think I would have been better off bringing my swimming badges into the interview."

Just another day in paradise, eh?

Featured Image Credit: Radharc Images/Alamy Stock Photo/@souramoo/Twitter

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