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Northern Railway asks passengers to stop watching porn on trains

Northern Railway asks passengers to stop watching porn on trains

The train service has asked their passengers to refrain from watching 'not suitable for work' content on trains.

Northern Railway has kindly asked its passengers to stop watching porn on trains.

Some people just have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that it's not suitable to watch videos of trains driving into tunnels on public transport.

'Wait until you get home', the railway firm has pleaded to those who search up explicit materiel and bad language on their Wi-Fi.

They've advised customers to refrain from searching offensive topics and inappropriate jokes.

Instagram / @northernrailway

Tricia Williams, chief operating officer at Northern, said: "We welcome millions of people into our stations and on-board our trains every year and access to safe and reliable internet is part and parcel of our customers’ expectations.

"It is important, however, that people remember that some content is not suitable for everyone to see or hear - particularly children.

"As such, if something is ‘not suitable for work’ it’s more than likely not suitable in our stations or on-board our trains either – so please wait until you get home."

Regional director Chris Jackson said Northern was giving passengers 'a gentle reminder on etiquette'.

Who knew it was etiquette to not have a w*** on a train?

He added: "We don't want to give the impression it's like the Wild West out there - it isn't. It's very safe.

"These incidents are few and far between but they do occasionally happen and it needs calling out."

Instagram / @northernrailway

Northern use the government-initiated 'Friendly WIFI', for public internet usage.

Perhaps being too 'friendly' is what the issue is here.

Bev Smith, director of Friendly WiFi, said: "We are excited to be working with Northern as a ‘Friendly WiFi’ certified train operator.

"They were passionate throughout the process to achieve the standard to ensure a great experience online for all their customers whilst travelling with them."

LADbible has contacted Northern for additional comment.

From one tug of war to another, as a number of commuters in Bihar, India, were left in shock after porn played for three minutes on screens as they waiting at a train station.

Footage of the unfortunate incident has been circulating on Twitter - heavily pixelated, of course.

The adult move was able to play for three minutes before it was stopped.

According to India Today, the TV screens at Patna Junction railway station were supposed to be airing the usual advertisements.

But due to an embarrassing technical fault, an adult film started playing at around 9.30am - and it kept going for three whole minutes.

Eventually they were able to cut the dirty movie from the screen.

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