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Nostradamus has predicted several things for 2022 which could still come true

Poppy Bilderbeck

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Nostradamus has predicted several things for 2022 which could still come true

If, like me, you like to check your horoscope and blame it for when s**t hits the fan, then Michel de Nostradame has you covered for the rest of 2022.

After having already predicted Russia's invasion of Ukraine as well as Queen Elizabeth II's passing, French astrologer Nostradamus's book Les Prophéties - published in 1555 - has even more in store before the year is out.

If there was ever more of a reason to follow a squirrel's lead, collect supplies and hibernate until 2023, then this is it.


The war in Ukraine isn't the only conflict Nostradamus predicted taking place by the end of 2022.

The astrologer has predicted France will be also invaded.

His prediction reads: "Blue-head shall white-head harm in such degree. As France’s good to both shall e’er amount."

However, the line refers to the spring of 2022, so perhaps the astrologer hasn't quite hit the nail on the head this time and France is safe from a potential third world war for now.

Nostradamus predicted conflict in France in 2023. Credit: Chronicle/ Alamy Stock Photo
Nostradamus predicted conflict in France in 2023. Credit: Chronicle/ Alamy Stock Photo

One prediction which seems eerily accurate given the cost of living crisis is Nostradamus' prediction of rising prices.

"No abbots, monks, no novices to learn; Honey shall cost far more than candle-wax.

"So high the price of wheat/ That man is stirred/ His fellow man to eat in his despair," he states.


Indeed, the cost of living crisis in the UK has seen inflation hit a 30-year high.

However, whether we'll all turn to cannibalism because the price of cheese and butter has risen too steeply is debatable.

Nostradamus' prediction that the world is going to keep getting warmer has already been proven correct this year.


In 1555, the astrologer wrote: "Like the sun the head shall sear the shining sea: The Black Sea’s living fish shall all but boil.

"When Rhodes and Genoa/ Half-starved shall be/ The local folk to cut them up shall toil."

The UK was hit by a series of heatwaves this summer, with temperatures rising to as high as 40°C.

There have also recently been devastating floods across the African continent.


There's still a few months left for Nostradamus' prediction about artificial intelligence to come true.

Despite the astrologer's predictions having been made over five decades ago, he was definitely ahead of his time in predicting the fast-paced evolution of technology.

"The Moon in the full of night over the high mountain, The new sage with a lone brain sees it: By his disciples invited to be immortal, Eyes to the south. Hands in bosoms, bodies in the fire," he said.

In August, 2022, artificial intelligence of what Australia could look like in only 50 years left people astounded.

As if 2022 hadn't been tumultuous already, it could really go out with a bang, as according to Nostradamus an asteroid could be on its way to Earth.

F**k the fireworks this New Year's Eve, as the astrologer has predicted, 'Fire [...] from the sky shall fall'.

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock

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Poppy Bilderbeck
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