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OnlyFans star says she wants to sell her eggs because her ‘genes are wonderful’

OnlyFans star says she wants to sell her eggs because her ‘genes are wonderful’

Aella's unorthodox lifestyle choices have been raising a lot of eyebrows lately

If you're in the market for some OnlyFans eggs, then look no further.

Aella is flogging hers on her website, explaining that she'd like to see more of her 'wonderful' genes in the world.

The former porn star and sex writer - who is currently on hiatus from money-making content subscription site OnlyFans - is looking into more inventive ways of raking in some cash.

On a section of her site named 'Get My Eggs', Aella writes: "I think my genes are wonderful, I'd like to see more of them in the world, and I don't have any immediate plans for reproducing myself.

"If you're interested in using my eggs to reproduce, I'm down to discuss this in exchange for payment for my time and fear of needles.

Aella is up for selling her eggs.

"I have ancestry, health testing, and family history I can share."

Putting your eggs up for sale online may not seem like the most orthodox thing to do, but how many times do you shower in a year? That's not a completely unrelated retort by the way, I'm referencing the fact that Aella recently shared that she showered only 37 times last year, which raised a lot of eyebrows on social media - so her lifestyle choices perhaps aren't the most conventional.

First of all, you're probably wondering why she knows she showered precisely 37 times last year. Well, she used an app called Dailyo to track all kinds of daily activities, and the results make for interesting viewing.

Being a good sport, Aella wasn't afraid to share her rather private results on Twitter, where they have been viewed more than 20 million times.

Her post showed that she drank alcohol 118 days last year, had sex on 63 days and was sick on 14 days. She worked 137 days and pooped on 194 days.

However, there was one stat that stood out among Twitter users - Aella showered on just 37 days of the year.

Aella's showering, or lack of showering, has made headlines.

Of course, a lot of people shower on a daily basis - or more than once a day - so the fact she averaged a shower every 10 days raised a lot of eyebrows.

Commenting on the post, one person said: "37 showers is so insane to me. I shower twice a day and many days 3 times in the summer or just bc I may have been running around. You stink. You have to."

Replying to the comment, Aella said: "if I showered that often I would stink! disturbs my microbiome."

She added: "I try not to disturb my natural skin microbiome too much. if I shower too often I seem to stink more!

"I regularly use a bidet and spot-wash my armpits and genitals tho."

So what do we reckon folks, we having that?

If you're not convinced, you're not alone, so in a bid to make sense of the seeming smelliness, Aella went into more depth about how she showers infrequently but apparently doesn't stink.

The OnlyFans star defended her lack of showering.

She tweeted: "My guess is there's some kind of microbiome balance going on; I first noticed this once when I went camping, and then after I got home and showered with heavy duty soap, found that I stunk *way* worse the next day.

"I wouldn't be surprised if showering is following the same kind of principles as going no-poo for hair; if any random person who shampoos daily, stops shampooing, their hair will be horrible and greasy. But if you are persistent and careful, your body adjusts.

"But this isn't perfect, and different ppl have different kinds of bodies, with different activities and sweat levels. I *do* still do maintenance to handle getting stinky in between showers!"

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@Aella_Girl

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