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Owner Of World's Ugliest Dog Thinks Her Pet Is Actually Beautiful

Owner Of World's Ugliest Dog Thinks Her Pet Is Actually Beautiful

That is one proud dog Mama!

The owner of the World's Ugliest Dog has revealed how she thinks her pet is 'beautiful'. Take a look below:

Now, there's cute looking dogs, there's average looking dogs and then, there's Mr Happy Face, who is known as The World's Ugliest Dog after winning the title at the pageant in California.

But despite his new title, Mr Happy Face's owner, Janeda Banelly, thinks he's beautiful and she recently appeared on ITV's This Morning to talk to presenters Alison Hammond and Dermot O'Leary about his unique appearance.

Speaking via Zoom, she said: "I describe him as the most glorious creature ever created. 

"I don't feel comfortable saying world's ugliest dog - he is one of the most beautiful creatures. It is more of a celebration of their uniqueness and the beauty they bring to the world.

"If we can all be a little kinder to each other we can see how beautiful this world can be."

However, viewers were split with some thinking the 17-year-old pup is cute and others comparing his unique face to a Gremlins character:

One viewer tweeted: "Mr happy face is adorable," while another said: "I would 100 percent adopt all the dogs like Mr Happy Face", said another.

Despite the viewers mixed reaction, the pup won over presenter Alison Hammond almost immediately who called him 'gorgeous'.

Later in the interview, Janeda also revealed that when she adopted Mr Happy Face she didn't expect him to live long. Due to a myriad of health issues, the outlook looked bleak for the unique looking dog.

She explained: "I adopted Mr Happy Face with the understanding he was probably going to be a hospice situation. 

"I was very lucky if we might have six weeks- so far it's been 10 months. His health conditions are so much better. It has taken a lot of love and time. As well as being creative."

Mr Happy Face won his title of World's Ugliest Dog, beating other unique looking pooches, when the contest resumed two weeks ago due to it being put hold due to the pandemic.

The World's Ugliest Dog competition invites people from all over the world to celebrate their unusual-looking pups.

Mr Happy Face took the crown this year but was closely followed by runners-up Wild Thing owned by Ann Lewis and Monkey owned by Scotch Haley.

However, Janeda doesn't think Mr Happy Face will compete again: "Every dog deserves their moment to be celebrated. 

"The happiness and joy they bring to the world and their humans. Every day is a blessing."

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Alamy

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