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Paddy the Baddy baffled after finding out what numbers on the toaster mean

Paddy the Baddy baffled after finding out what numbers on the toaster mean

Ever wondered what the numbers on your toaster really mean? Paddy the Baddy is here to help.

Paddy the Baddy has been stunned to learn what the little numbers on the side of his toaster mean.

The UFC legend, real name Paddy Pimblett, has taken to TikTok to reveal the moment a friend told him what those little numbers on the side of your toaster mean.

In the video, he was shocked to learn that the little numbers you could set with a dial were supposed to refer to the number of minutes you wanted your bread to be toasted for and he couldn't believe it, posting the video with the caption 'ya learn something new every day'.

He said he used to think it was 'how much your toast got toasted' before learning this new info and laughed along at his discovery.

Paddy the Baddy may have learned something new, but his initial assumption that the numbers meant something other than minutes wasn't entirely wrong.

If you wish to know more about your toaster then let us delve together into the (sort of) fascinating world of toaster dial trivia.

Paddy the Baddy (right) has made a fascinating discovery about his toaster.
Gary Mather/Alamy Live News

Ultimately what the numbers on your toaster mean all depends on the type of toaster you're working with, as it could represent any number of things.

For certain toasters they really do represent the number of minutes your bread will be toasted for, and obviously the longer the toast time the more well-done the slice.

These are referred to as 'timer toasters' and tend to be on the more expensive side, but in return you can guarantee that your toast will pop up exactly when you want it to which is handy.

However, most people's toasters have numbers which don't correspond to the time it takes to toast the bread as they are something called 'capacitor toasters' (gosh, isn't this exciting to learn?).

Your common or garden toaster works by switching off once a capacitor (a thingy that stores energy) gets charged up to a certain voltage.

With this kind of toaster, the number you're setting refers to the resistance rate that determines how long it takes for the capacitor to get fully charged, which in turn affects how long your toaster is on for.

Paddy was surprised to learn the numbers could mean number of minutes the toaster was on, though he wasn't wrong before.
REUTERS / Alamy Stock Photo

But wait, the toaster trivia fun doesn't stop there are there are older models to consider, and the numbers on those indicate the level of electricity used.

These ones are called 'bimetallic strip toasters' and they run on a circuit which is connected by a strip which bends and breaks the circuit once it gets too hot.

Now you know how the different types of toasters work and can delight your friends with this wonderful knowledge which is guaranteed to make you the life and soul of any party you're at, just as long as you're with toaster aficionados.

Featured Image Credit: theufcbaddy / TikTok / Trevor Chriss / Alamy

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