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Man allegedly kicked off flight after complaining there’s not enough room for his bag in overhead locker

Man allegedly kicked off flight after complaining there’s not enough room for his bag in overhead locker

A passenger was allegedly thrown off a flight after an argument with a cabin crew member about storage space

A passenger was allegedly kicked off a flight after a confrontation occurred between a man and a member of the cabin crew.

Video footage of the incident, which was an American Airlines flight, was filmed by someone on board the plane, who later uploaded the video to Reddit.

The agitated passenger can be seen saying: “This guy put his luggage up here now we don’t have any space.

“Now there’s no space, he’s got no space.”

The member of the cabin crew onboard the flight then replies: “Please stop, I’m going to ask you one more time.

You need to stop with this whole luggage situation.”

However, the angry bloke wasn’t too approving of the crew member's gestures and replied: “Don’t point at me, don’t point your finger at me.

The man began to argue with a crew member.

"You point your finger at me one more time and I am going to call the police.”

Before walking away, the crew member then replies: "You’re going to call the police on me? OK.”

The video then cuts to the man seemingly being escorted from the aeroplane by a different member of the cabin crew.

He can also be seen removing some bags from the overhead lockers.

The fellow passenger who had captured the incident claimed that the man had used four overhead lockers to store his luggage.

And they also claimed that they'd 'left out the horrendous racist comments that he made to the gentleman who put his luggage in the overhead bin'.

Details of who the passenger was and where this video was filmed still remains unknown.

LADbible has contacted American Airlines for comment.

And this bloke isn't the only passenger that has been filmed having a disagreement with flight staff.

The Reddit user claimed he had taken up four overhead compartments with hand luggage.

Footage has been shared on social media showed a very irate passenger having an argument with cabin crew, allegedly over not receiving his preferred meal.

The United Airlines flight was travelling from Houston, Texas, to Amsterdam when trouble started brewing.

In a clip posted to TikTok by a fellow passenger, @ifyoureashleyanduknowit, the man can be seen standing up as he has a row with one of the stewards.

He was later seen being escorted by officers as he said: "I would love for you to be on Fox News.

“Why do you think that one of your flight attendants is able to decide that I don't get to be treated like everybody else?”

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/ u/Cool_Disaster2484

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