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Footage shows what happens to your luggage after it’s checked in

Footage shows what happens to your luggage after it’s checked in

One lad sneaked a camera onto his case before heading to the airport

One of the most important parts about prepping for a holiday is what to take. We pack all kinds of clothes, shoes, swimming bits, toiletries and who knows what else into our suitcases before boarding the plane.

But when we hand over our cases at the check-in desk, what actually happens to them?

Well, to stop us all from wondering where our luggage goes and how it gets moved from A to Z, one lad sneakily placed a little camera onto his.

So forget the typical point-of-view TikToks, he’s managed to give us Suitcase POV.

Thomas Miller put a tiny video camera onto the handle of his case before heading to the airport.

Thomas put a camera on his case.

In the TikTok, we see him placing it onto the scales at check-in before it moves along on a conveyer belt behind the airport staff who are taking boarding passes from his fellow passengers.

The case then seems to ride almost on a mini rollercoaster of a conveyer belt, going down slopes and hitting into side walls to redirect its journey.

Eventually, after a series of up and downs and through little curtains, we see the case about to be picked up by a baggage handler.

Then, it is squeezed into the back of a vehicle with a load of other cases to be taken to the airplane and onto Miller’s destination.

So really it has quite the ride before even making it into the skies.

There was recently absolute fury when a baggage handler was criticised after being filmed throwing people’s luggage onto the conveyer belt.

James Elson couldn’t believe it when he looked out the window of his Ryanair plane and saw his musical instruments being chucked carelessly. He posted to his Twitter account, calling it ‘absolutely appalling’.

Thomas' video shows the case travelling around the airport.

In the video, the handler appears to throw the instruments onto the belt rather than placing them with care.

And users commented on the post: “It actually took more effort to lift it higher and slam it down. Lol." With another saying: “That looks intentional.”

Last year, there was also footage of two workers in hi-vis jackets 'unloading' a series of suitcases and bags onto a conveyor belt.

However, instead of wheeling or gently placing the items on the belt, the two handlers decide to pick them up and lob them in the belt's general direction.

Some suitcases land on the conveyor belt, others fall off the side and some bounce and boing around on top of one another as they're chucked about - the handlers laughing as they do so.

Look, we get it, luggage is heavy, it's a nuisance and it hardly seems like the most fun job in the world. But to treat someone's personal belongings in such a way? TikTokers are far from amused. "They should be terminated on the spot," blasted one viewer.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@thomas719

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