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Penny Lancaster says husband Rod Stewart isn’t always a fan of her job in police

Penny Lancaster says husband Rod Stewart isn’t always a fan of her job in police

Penny Lancaster opened up about life as a police officer

Penny Lancaster has admitted that she sometimes talks too much to husband Rod Stewart about her job.

Last year, the model attended her passing out parade as she became an officer for the City of London Police force:

Lancaster joined the force back in 2021 and recently completed her training to become a special constable.

Celebrating her surprising achievement, Care Of Police Survivors shared a photo of the mum-of-two after receiving her certificate.

It read: "Congratulations to COPS Patron Penny Lancaster with her passing out certificate."

Speaking at the special ceremony, the 52-year-old said that she loved the job.

"One day I’ll be on the red carpet at some do thinking, 'Last night I was putting handcuffs on someone in custody'," she said.

Penny Lancaster is a police officer.

However, she admitted she sometimes bores her rockstar husband with it.

"I get carried away. Sometimes Rod says, 'Right, that’s enough police talk'," she said.

"I do go on and on and on. I can’t help it. It just excites me. It’s changed my life."

Lancaster, who hopes to stick with the police until she's at least 60, told reporters that while Rod is supportive of her career, he has had to tell her to 'remember her duties at home too'.

As to why she's decided to make the career change fairly late in life, Lancaster explained how it was 'compatible' with her life situation now.

"Maybe it wouldn’t have been in my 30s, but it’s a bit different now," she said.

Last year, Lancaster was called into duty as she policed the late Queen's funeral.

Penny Lancaster was spotted in London working as a police officer.

With the Queen's funeral being the biggest policing effort in British history, with officers being brought in from all over the UK, it's very much all hands on deck - and that includes Lancaster.

She was spotted in uniform striding through the streets of the capital as she made her way through crowds near Westminster Abbey.

Lancaster started volunteering for the police after appearing in Channel 4 show Famous and Fighting Crime, where celebrities swapped their day jobs with people in the emergency services.

Stewart told The Graham Norton Show his wife 'loves' volunteering with the police and 'wants to protect the city she loves'.

She actually met the late Queen and King Charles III on several occasions as her husband has performed for the royals several times.

Featured Image Credit: Insta / Matt Crossick / Alamy Stock Photo

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