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People Divided After Charles Calls The Queen ‘Mummy’

People Divided After Charles Calls The Queen ‘Mummy’

Some viewers thought the use of 'Mummy' was too tragic and creepy to be used by the senior royal

Prince Charles has left people divided with the use of one word during his speech to The Queen during the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations. Have a listen below:

In his address to the crowds and to the millions of viewers at home and around the world, the Prince of Wales said: "Your Majesty, Mummy. You have met us, you have talked with us. You laugh and cry with us, and most importantly you have been there with us for these 70 years."

He continued: "You pledged to serve your whole life, and you continue to deliver. That is why we are here. that is what we celebrate tonight. These pictures on your house are the story of your life and ours."

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall also shared the word via their official Twitter account to congratulate the Queen.

The tweet read: "Your Majesty, Mummy, The scale of this evening's celebration - and the outpouring of warmth and affection over this whole Jubilee weekend - is our way of saying thank you - from your family, the country, the Commonwealth, in fact the whole world."

Prince Charles praised the Queen as 'Mummy' at the Platinum jubilee celebrations.

However, Prince Charles' touching speech to his mother as she celebrates 70 years on the throne sparked debate with some members of the public unable to get over the affectionate use of 'Mummy' for the Queen.

One tweet reply asked the Prince to stop using 'Mummy': "You have big shoes to fill Charles!! Also a bit of advice stop saying Mummy it’s not endearing at your age!!"

Another found it childish, tweeting: "No disrespect, but really “my MUMMY” are you 2…"

Some even called it out as 'tragic' and 'creepy':

But on the other hand, some royal fans found it endearing, with one viewer writing: "Prince Charles, referring to The Queen as 'Mummy' was the most endearing part of the celebration."

Another suggested it was actually a longstanding joke from the Prince of Wales: "Prince Charles only said "Mummy" as a joke as he said it last time and people laughed. Lighten up guys!"

Elsewhere at the jubilee celebrations, the younger royals appeared thoroughly entertained with the festivities. A short film segment with none other than Paddington Bear enjoying tea with The Queen had Prince George and Princess Charlotte in stitches.

Watching on from the stands, Prince George and Princess Charlotte giggled and smiled at the sight of their great-gran pulling out a marmalade sandwich from her handbag to enjoy with the bear.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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