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People blown away by story of good samaritans saving man who appeared 'dead at the wheel'

People blown away by story of good samaritans saving man who appeared 'dead at the wheel'

Not all heroes wear capes!

People have been blown away by a group of good samaritans after they saved a man who appeared 'dead at the wheel'.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu coach John Barlow shared the incredible story on Facebook, describing how the incident unfolded on Saturday (3 September), after he noticed a car driving slowly on the M62.

Although the unidentified driver was in the fast lane, John noticed how he wasn't moving over for anyone and so he and his wife Kirsty caught up with him in the middle line.

He wrote: "Without exaggeration both myself and Kirsty thought he was dead at the wheel, he was grey with blue lips and blood coming out of his mouth."

Since he was driving so slowly, John was able to pull in front of the man and was eventually able to stop the Audi before waving down oncoming traffic to stop so he could get in the passenger door.

After realising all the doors were locked, a tradesman who had also stopped to help grabbed a hammer from his van and they we able to get the driver out.

"Fortunately we'd had a refresher first aid course at the gym recently and frantically trying to remember I tilted his head slowly backwards opening his airways," added John.

"He took a deep gasp and seemed to start breathing again. Even though he was still out for the count I kept talking to him as the course says and he seemed to get some colour back.

"A few minutes later a lovely lady with far better medical training and an off duty WPC took over, they were absolutely brilliant."

A doctor who had a defibrillator with them stopped and made their way from the opposite carriageway to help.

With everyone pitching in, the man started regaining consciousness until the ambulance arrived.

John said that while he wouldn't normally post about such news, he had received a call from Yorkshire Police who told him that the driver had suffered a seizure and was now stable and able to go back home to his family.

"Just seeing all the other people working together to save someone's life is a brilliant thing, especially when teamwork works," he continued.

"Things like this certainly helps keep people's faith that the majority of people are decent folks."

John finished by saying: "Little bit of advice for anyone, get on a little First Aid Course and keep something that can break a car window in your glove compartment."

The heroic driver recommends taking a First Aid course.

The heroic post has since gone viral, with thousands of people commenting to offer their praise to all of those who helped to save the man's life.

"The sick man from the car definitely owes his life to you," wrote one. "You are a hero, there's very few people could have done what you did, and I bet that's what the man's family think of you too."

"How brave and heroic of you, life saver," said another, while a third added: "Amazing we need more people like this in the world!"

A fourth chimed in: "Well done to all involved, but especially to you for reacting so bravely in the first place. You're all heroes."

LADbible has contacted Yorkshire Police for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: John Barlow/Facebook/John Davidson Photos/Alamy Stock Photo

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