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People Split On Who's In Wrong After Cyclist Clatters Into Car

People Split On Who's In Wrong After Cyclist Clatters Into Car

The incident occurred on Greyhound Lane at junction with Estreham Road in Streatham

CCTV footage of a cyclist who collided with a motorist in traffic has divided viewers on who is in the wrong. Decide for yourself:

The incident occurred on Greyhound Lane at junction with Estreham Road in Streatham, South London, on Thursday, 28 April.

A yellow car can be seen coming into view, just as the cyclist appears on the inside at the rear wheel.

The driver then appears to indicate and turns left into the road.

However, as the car begins to turn, it blocks the path of the cyclist who shockingly collides into the side of the car and falls to the ground.

As shown in the clip, the cyclist calls out, as the driver and other members of the public check to see if he's ok.

SWD Media

The accident prompted a rapid response from the paramedic team as they treated the man at the scene. He did not require hospital treatment, it is believed.

Wishing to remain anonymous, a witness told SWD Media: “I would point out that apart from this set of lights, on the bridge is another set, and then 200 yards back is another set (3 sets in total).

“It’s very unlikely for the car to have overtaken the bicycle at all, and there was suspicion the cyclist was ‘milking it’ as he stayed on the ground for around 30 minutes.

“The paramedic turned up and diagnosed a shoulder injury, and an hour later a mini cab turned up and took him and his bike away.”

SWD Media

People who have seen the clip have since been divided over who was right and who was wrong.

One person responded: “Looking at the speed of the van which was in front of the car then the speed of the bike it’s very clear the bike is travelling faster [than] the vehicles on the road and it's extremely unlikely the car had overtaken the bike.

“The bike tries to undertake the car turning left so the crash was the cyclist's fault the car was indicating left and the cyclist was pedalling until the point of impact.”

Another commented: “Even before the recent changes, the driver is at fault. The driver must have overtaken at some point so should have been aware of the cyclist – from an insurance perspective, this is 100% driver's fault.”

SWD Media

A third said: “The cyclist has brakes too, they shouldn’t have tried to keep cycling past a vehicle that was already turning, obviously the police agree that the cyclist was at fault and cycled into the car as opposed to the car hitting the cyclist.”

A fourth added: “The driver should have waited to the cyclist passed the junction first before they turned in – I’m not a cyclist fan by the way.”

A London Ambulance Service spokesperson said: “We were called at 12.42pm on 28 April to reports of a road traffic collision on Greyhound Lane, Streatham.

“We sent a paramedic in a response car, and treated one man at the scene.”

LADbible has contacted the Metropolitan Police for comment.

Featured Image Credit: SWD Media

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