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Pepsi announces it's made major change to iconic drink

Pepsi announces it's made major change to iconic drink

The changes is being rolled out in supermarkets from March

Pepsi has announced a big change to its iconic original drink, and it's hitting stores before the month is up.

If you're team Pepsi, chances are you've come to recognise the specific taste of the fizzy cola that was first created more than 100 years ago, all the way back in 1898.

The brand has obviously undergone a few changes over the years, and we now have access to all sorts of exotic flavours as well as Diet and Pepsi MAX options.

Original Pepsi is a favourite for many.

For some dedicated fans though, the original will do the trick. But this month, the recipe underwent a big change as part of PepsiCo's 'pep+' transformation plan, which aims to 'drive positive action for people and the planet'.

"As part of this plan, we are making changes to improve the nutritional profile of our snacks and beverages, building on nearly two decades of work prioritising low or no-sugar drinks in the UK and Ireland," PepsiCo explained in a news release.

"Today, over 90% of the colas we sell in the UK and Ireland are sugar-free versions."

The company acknowledged that classic Pepsi is now only a 'very small part of [its] beverages portfolio' in the UK and Ireland, but explained that its team had been working on a new formula for the drink to reduce the amount of sugar it contains.

Pepsi's new formula has much less sugar.

The resulting 'reformulation' is now being rolled out, with the new recipe containing 57 percent less sugar than it used to, at 4.55 grams of sugar per 100ml.

In addition to a lower amount of sugar, the new recipe contains a blend of acesulfame potassium and sucralose to help sweeten the drink with 56 percent fewer calories from added sugars. There is no change to Diet Pepsi or Pepsi MAX.

The company has assured that the reformulation took place with the aim to maintain 'the great taste people expect', but customers will be able to decide that for themselves when they give the new recipe a try.

The updated nutritional information is being reflected on the packaging for drinks with the new formula, which include all canned and bottled classic Pepsi drinks across the UK and Ireland.

PepsiCo has aimed to achieve the same taste with the new formula.

"In the UK and Ireland, we have a long track record of helping consumers shift to low and no-sugar drinks options, and we hope that this new product will continue to be a favourite among those who love the classic taste of Pepsi, now with fewer calories," the company said.

Although the change affects cans and bottles, classic Pepsi fountains found at pubs and some restaurants will for the time being continue to serve the old formula, which contains 10.65g of sugar per 100ml.

PepsiCo explained this is because making changes to bottled and canned Pepsi is simpler than rolling out a new formula across multiple outlets.

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