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One person confirmed dead after 'serious' theme park rollercoaster accident

One person confirmed dead after 'serious' theme park rollercoaster accident

One person has died and several others have been injured

One person had died following an accident on a rollercoaster at an amusement park in Sweden.

Several people have been injured and at least one person has died after the rollercoaster reportedly derailed at the Grona Lund theme park in Stockholm.

Grona Lund’s communications chief, Annika Troselius, said: “It is incredibly tragic and shocking. Unfortunately, we have received the news that one person has died and that several others are injured.

"This must not happen and it should not happen. We are all very taken and shocked and are currently focusing on taking care of all those affected and our staff.”

Earlier today, police announced an investigation had been launched following what eye-witnesses described as a partial derailment of the Jetline rollercoaster.

One person has died following an accident at a theme park in Sweden.
SophieOst / Alamy Stock Photo

"We are emptying the park and we've started our investigation," a police spokesperson said.

"Seven people were injured in connection with the accident and are now being treated in hospital.

"It concerns both children and adults. The extent of the damage is unclear.

"The police continue to assist the rescue service in the rescue work and, in parallel, have begun the work of investigating what caused the accident."

A black banner on the park's website said: "A serious accident has taken place on the Jetline. We are working with the rescue services. The park is closed for now."

In a previous statement Troselius said: "The park has been evacuated and emergency services are on site. Now we focus on taking care of the affected and our staff.

"The reason for that is something that we must return to. Everyone is one hundred percent focused on helping the victims now."

The park has been evacuated and emergency services are on site.
Jeppe Gustafsson / Alamy Stock Photo

A witness named Cornelia, who had just been on the ride with her son, told Sweden's TV4: "There was a lot of screaming. No one knew what was going on."

STV journalist Jenny Lagerstedt said she was waiting i​​n line for another ride when she heard a ‘metallic thud’ and saw the ‘rides start to shake’.

She told STV: "My husband saw a rollercoaster car with people in it falling to the ground. My children were scared.”

The Jetline rollercoaster reaches speeds of 56mph (90kmh) and stands at 30m (98ft) high.

"An action-packed roller coaster with heights and bends that cause 1 million riders to shriek with delight each season," the park's website reads.

"Jetline is a classic steel-track coaster designed by the legendary roller coaster manufacturers, Anton Schwartzkopf."

Featured Image Credit: Associated Press / SophieOst / Alamy Stock Photo

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