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PETA releases brutal Thanksgiving images to make you think twice about eating meat

Rachel Lang

| Last updated 

PETA releases brutal Thanksgiving images to make you think twice about eating meat

PETA has tried to remind Americans they don't actually need to eat a dead turkey this Thanksgiving.

The animal welfare and rights organisation shared an image on Twitter showing a family of turkeys as they prepared to eat a human being.

Ah, we see the tables have turned.

"POV: The dinner tables turned and a family is gathering around your dead body to share why they’re thankful," the organisation wrote alongside the startling image.


Despite the animal activism group's best efforts though, trolls and meat-eaters alike jumped on the post as an opportunity to mock PETA.

One social media user said: "So you’re saying we need to kill turkeys before they rebel."


A second added with a shrugging emoji: "I hear we taste like pork."

The group shared another cartoon one hour later, showing three rather demonic-looking people circling around a turkey.

The image had incredibly creepy undertones, with two of the male figures in the image depicted as saying 'mmm, she's so juicy' and 'I can't wait to slurp up these juices'.

The picture appeared on Twitter alongside the caption: "And some folks still think Tofurky is weird."


But that cartoon also went down in a weird fashion and was dubbed racist yet sort of horny.

One social media user said: "Damn, this has some weird racist tones going on."

A second also had concerns: "Kinda suss how all the people depicted here are minorities."


Meanwhile, others accused PETA of being a little bit kinky.

One user joked: "We once again bring you PETA and their thinly veiled fetishes."

Another joined in: "So nice of y’all to keep the fetish artists employed right now."


PETA has previously called killing and eating turkeys a 'disgrace' while asking people to go vegan for Thanksgiving.

"Thanksgiving can be the scariest time of year if you’re a turkey," the group said on its website.

"More than 45 million of these fascinating birds are killed to disgrace Thanksgiving tables each year.

The activism group added: "Regarded by many as little more than a holiday centrepiece, turkeys are as varied in personality as dogs and cats. They relish having their feathers stroked and like to chirp, cluck, and gobble along to their favourite tunes."

While that may be true, it might be back to the drawing board for PETA.

Featured Image Credit: PETA/Twitter.

Topics: Animals, Food And Drink, Vegan, News, US News

Rachel Lang
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