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Phizz Review: Are The £5 Tablets Worth The Hype?

Phizz Review: Are The £5 Tablets Worth The Hype?

We tried and tested them.

To start out, I'm not really one who takes supplements on a regular basis, or at all to be honest. I probably should do it more. I will do it more after trying Phizz out.

So when the proposition of using this product to help my long distance running came about, I jumped at the opportunity. I was sceptical at first, I'll be frank. I run a decent 5k time, 21:13 is my best and 10k at around 43 minutes. It's the longer runs than this where I struggle to keep my pace up, my body, as is normal, just starts to flag.

What actually is Phizz? Put simply it's a blend of all the good vitamins and minerals that you want and need, including B vitamins, vitamin C and zinc. It's all vegan, too and comes in a number of different bundles, sizes and prices ranging from only £5 to £49.99 for 90 capsules of the Good Guts 12-Strain Multibiotic with Vitamin D.

Phizz is also only 18 calories per serving, a much lighter option than a lot of the other electrolyte drinks on the market.

Phizz also claim that it can rehydrate your body three times faster than drinking water alone. Put simply, it's a natural energy booster.

The brand has built up a reputation not only with amateur level athletes but also with professional, it's currently used by Premier League teams like Liverpool and Leeds United, and some of the biggest names in both rugby and cricket.

Phizz tablets review

Me and my partner had planned on doing a 15k run - we're doing the Manchester Half Marathon in October and are starting training early to (hopefully) counter act all of this summer's activities. We forgot to take our Phizz tablets. Oops. To note, we weren't trying to go for a PB when doing this run, just to see if I could last the distance without stopping or flagging. We didn't. We had to stop at around five miles for a little break. We got there in the end with a time of one hour, 19 minutes.


A couple of weeks later we gave it another go, this time took our Phizz tablets nice and early before the Saturday morning run, I had the orange multivitamin flavour and my partner had the apple and blackcurrant (we've since had both flavours and concur, they taste nice and go down easily enough). We ran the 15k without stopping once and had an improved time of one hour, 15 minutes. Whether this is down to Phizz or not, I'm not sure. It could have just been that we had begun to build up the right kind of endurance.

What I will say is that we both felt way more energy than the run before, again we weren't trying to run for a personal best but my legs felt better, much less heavy and I had more and more energy as the run went on. In truth, I felt like I should have carried on and ran for longer (but we were too hungry and outside the flat by this point).

It's also pretty good when you're just feeling low on energy or drained from a particularly hard day at work.

I'll definitely be taking a Phizz or two before I run the half marathon later this year, wish me luck!

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