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Britain is facing a pizza crisis because of tomato shortage across Europe

Britain is facing a pizza crisis because of tomato shortage across Europe

Experts are warning there could be a pizza shortage ahead and it's breaking a pizza people's hearts

Experts are warning there could be a pizza shortage ahead and it's breaking a pizza people's hearts.

If you're a child in a grown-up's body and still complain about eating your fruit and veg then you may jump for joy at the news of a tomato shortage. However, don't rejoice too soon, because your beloved pizza is at threat too.

Amid poor weather conditions impacting the ability to produce tomatoes, the vegetable has been in shortage and subsequently the price of tomatoes has soared, resulting in it being a pizza work for restaurants to make the traditional doughy, cheesy, tomatoey globes of goodness.

Be warned, one of your major enjoyments in life could be about to temporarily bite the crust.

Prepare to say bye bye to your Saturday night takeaway plans.
Brent Hofacker / Alamy Stock Photo

As a result of a bought of bad weather, particularly in Europe and north Africa, alongside rising energy costs restricting the ability to heat glasshouses, the UK is facing shortages on fresh fruit and vegetables, as per The Guardian.

Alongside peppers, broccoli and lettuce, another vegetable to take a hit is the beloved tomato, a pack of the juicy red balls having soared from £5 to £20 in some areas of Europe - a 400 percent increase, as per The Sun.

While at first you may leap for joy if you're not the sort of person who likes a side salad with your meal, you're forgetting one, very important thing. What dish uses tomatoes as one of its main ingredients? Pizza.

Pizza connoisseurs have weighed in on just how much of an impact the vegetable shortage could impact your doughy, cheesy and tomatoey dreams.

The price of a carton of tomatoes has reportedly risen by 400 percent.
Ekaterina Sidonskaya / Alamy Stock Photo

Chair of the British Pizza, Pasta and Italian Food Association - yes, we're not joking, a magical association such as this does really exist - Jim Winship said, as per the Sun: "There is the possibility that pizzerias relying on fresh produce will have to get creative with ingredients.

"You can’t magic up tomatoes in a very short space of time."

However, while some restaurants are getting 'creative' and using substitutes such as ricotta or other veg like aubergine or courgette according to leader of the UK Italian chefs' federation, Enzo Oliveri, restaurants are still struggling.

Question is, is a pizza without a tomato base still worth it?
Simon Dack / Alamy Stock Photo

Owner of Lizzie's Cucina in North London, Carmelo Carnavale, said: "When I put something with different ingredients on the menu customers still want tomato.

"But if the price is going to rise again I will take out tomato from the menu for at least three weeks."

To live in a world without pizza is an incrustice and so the UK Italian chefs' federation's Oliveri has called on the government to cap the price of tomatoes so restaurants can still afford to make the popular and traditional tomato-based pizzas.

Although Tory MP and former Environment Secretary George Eustice claims the government couldn't have done 'much different' to prevent the shortages and rising costs of some fruit and veg.

The owner of Lizzie's Cucina explains despite using substitutes, customers still only really want pizzas with the traditional tomato base.
@lizzies_cucina/ Instagram

People are flocking to social media in despair over the realisation a tomato shortage also means no pizza.

One said: "Wasn’t too bothered about a tomato shortage until I remembered pizza and now I am extremely concerned."

"Everyone in a flap about the lack of veg, I’ve been training for this moment all my life," another joked.

A third added: "And ketchup ! If we run out of ketchup I’m in s**t."

So get out there, grab a pizza and cheese the day before it's too late.

Featured Image Credit: Gerard Ferry / Brent Hofacker / Alamy

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