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Scott Morrison Says Aussies Wanting Rental Relief Should Just Buy A House Instead

Scott Morrison Says Aussies Wanting Rental Relief Should Just Buy A House Instead

The Prime Minister was answering questions about the Federal Budget when he was asked about why there was no help for renters.

Scott Morrison has left Aussie renters absolutely fuming after telling them they should just ‘buy a house.’

The Prime Minister appeared on The Today Show to spruik his Federal Budget that was announced yesterday (March 29).

One part in particular he wanted to trumpet was the expansion of the first home buyer’s scheme, which would allow first-time homeowners to put down a deposit of either 2 or 5 per cent, instead of the typical 20 per cent deposit.

While the TV host acknowledged the scheme was within the ‘cost of living budget’, it wouldn’t help the many Australians who rent, especially those living paycheque to paycheque.


Mr Morrison defended the lack of grants around rental relief by stating: “[The] best way to support people who are renting a house is to help them buy a house.

"And over the last three years, we've got over 300,000 Australians directly in their own home and particularly single mums,”

However, host Allison Langdon insisted: “I'm not talking about homeownership here. I’m talking about rental relief.”

The Prime Minister then kicked the mansplaining into high gear by telling Ms Landgon that she had missed the point of the scheme.

“I know, but that's my point. People who are buying houses are renters,” he said.

“Ensuring that more renters can buy their own home and get the security of homeownership – this is one of the key focuses of this budget and was one of the key pledges I’ve delivered on since the last election.”

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Mr Morrison's interview on the Channel 9 programme comes after his comments earlier this week about how ‘hard’ he found purchasing his first home.

In an attempt to relate to the younger generation, Mr Morrison said that he too faced great difficulty while trying to purchase a property in Sydney during the mid-nineties.

While speaking at a conference about expanding the first home buyer’s scheme, Morrison said: “The hardest thing to do when you’re buying your first home, I remember this when Jenny and I were buying our first time, it was, it was hard back then, I believe it’s harder now, was the deposit you need to pull together, and that was a 20 percent deposit (back then).”

You see? He’s one of us!

We’re just surprised he didn’t dab after his comment in a further attempt to connect to the youths; that would’ve added real finesse. 

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