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Melania Trump Is The Most Unpopular First Lady In History

Melania Trump Is The Most Unpopular First Lady In History

She left the White House for the final time this month

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

Melania Trump has been voted the most unpopular First Lady in history after leaving the White House for the final time last week.

According to the latest CNN/SSRS poll, Melania's favourable rating was at 42 percent while unfavourable was polling at 47 percent.

To put that into perspective, the average final popularity rating before Melania was 71 percent, with an unpopularity rating of 21 percent.

Hillary Clinton, who ended her term at 52 percent favourable and 39 percent unfavourable, is the closest anyone else has come.

However, there is some good news for Melania. With an approval rating of 84 percent compared to 79 percent, she is decidedly more popular than her husband among Republicans.

Melania is the least popular First Lady in history.

So unpopular is Donald Trump that even his own family members are looking for ways to distance themselves from him.

Speaking to the Sunday Telegraph, Trump's niece Mary Trump said she was considering changing her name.

The 55-year-old told the publication that the 74-year-old's influence on the country is 'incalculable'.

She said: "The damage Donald has done to this country is incalculable. We're just waiting to find out how much is irreparable."

But this isn't the first time the clinical psychologist has spoken of her concerns regarding Trump and the possibility of her changing her name.

Trump's time in the Oval Office finally came to an end last week when Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States.

But she's apparently more popular than her husband with Republicans.

And it didn't take long for his successor to make some changes, one of them being his 'Diet Coke' button.

Yes, this sounds like a joke, but a number of respected political journalists have all attested to the fact that on Trump's Oval Office desk there was a small box with a little red button on it.

As you would imagine, when it was pressed, a member of staff would appear carrying his favourite fizzy drink on a silver platter.

The existence of the box was revealed all the way back in 2017, when Associated Press journalist Julie Pace wrote: "Midway through my interview with President Donald Trump, he reached over and pressed a red button on his desk in the Oval Office.

"It didn't trigger a nuclear launch or send advisers scurrying into the room.

"Instead, a White House butler walked in with a single glass of Diet Coke on a silver tray for the commander in chief."

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