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Alison Hammond and Carol Vorderman in hysterics at Prince Harry virginity story

Alison Hammond and Carol Vorderman in hysterics at Prince Harry virginity story

The pair couldn't contain themselves

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past week, you will be aware that Prince Harry has got a new tell-all book coming out.

'Spare' sees the 38-year-old open up about his childhood and being a member of the Royal Family. But one saucy anecdote has really caught people's attention:

Now, for most people, the idea of sharing information about popping your cherry is truly horrific.

Having to think back to your first time, two spotty teens awkwardly bumping up against one another, no idea what you're doing.

Nobody needs to hear it, at least you'd think they wouldn't.

That is unless you're Prince Harry, it seems.

Unsurprisingly, everyone was fascinated to find out when and where the dirty deed went down for the young royal.

In his new book, Harry recalls a particularly memorable trip to the pub when he was a teenager studying at Eton.

The father-of-two says he and a woman got down to it in a field by the boozer.

Alison Hammond couldn't get over Prince Harry's virginity story.

Regaling the romantic tale on This Morning, Gyles Brandreth said: "At 16 or 17, in a field near school, an older woman took his virginity, and then, when the act of darkness had been completed, he lay on his front and she smacked his bottom."

I mean, Harry goes into a bit more detail than Gyles did, but that's pretty much it.

But the story went down an absolute storm with presenter Alison Hammond and Carol Vorderman, who couldn't contain themselves at the thought of the young prince getting his rocks off.

Writing in his book, Harry explained that he had been taken for lunch by his bodyguard Marko, who was investigating rumours that he had been taking drugs.

Marko told him: “They’ve asked me to discover the truth, Harry.”

Harry popped his cherry while at Eton.
Anwar Hussein/Alamy

“I suspected that he was referring to the recent loss of my virginity, a humiliating episode with an older woman who liked horses a lot and treated me like a young stallion," wrote Harry.

“I mounted her quickly, after which she spanked me on the backside and sent me on my way. One of my many errors was to do it in a field, just behind a crowded pub.”

Asking Marko what he meant, Harry realised he had been talking about something different.

He told him: "About your drug-taking."

While Harry told Marko that the rumours were 'lies', he has since admitted to taking drugs in his life, and also addressed this in his book, explaining he was 'offered a line' for the first time aged 17, but added that it 'wasn't very fun'.

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