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Pensioner Who Doesn't 'Give A Sod' About Lockdown Didn't Isolate With Coronavirus Symptoms

Pensioner Who Doesn't 'Give A Sod' About Lockdown Didn't Isolate With Coronavirus Symptoms

Maureen said that her husband was ill, and that she treated herself with painkillers and yoga

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A pensioner who said earlier this week that she didn't 'give a sod' about lockdown has revealed that she suffered from coronavirus symptoms but didn't isolate and 'didn't follow the rules'.

It's worth pointing out that this is a shockingly poor take. People with symptoms should definitely isolate and not spread the virus, because it's killing people.

However, 83-year-old Barnsley resident Maureen appeared on ITV's This Morning earlier today to talk about her defiant rejection of the tier three lockdown imposed on her hometown by the government following her indignant BBC interview.

Speaking to Alison Hammond and Dermot O'Leary via a video link, Maureen admitted that she'd 'not been in lockdown at all' and was still out and about even when she had symptoms of the virus.

She explained: "I'm 83 I've never been lockdown and I don't think we should be in lockdown. The government have got it wrong."


Maureen went on to outline how she believes that the government should look after the 'old' and 'vulnerable' but let everyone else go about their business as normal.

She explained how she'd suffered with symptoms, but treated them only with painkillers and exercise.

"I had symptoms - a dry cough, pain in my lungs, tired, bleary eyes, terrible headaches.

"I took paracetamol. Did my yoga and deep breathing and walking and within 10 days I was alright.

"I might be old but I know how to get up and I know how to live," she explained.

Dermot tried to talk some sense into her, explaining how the virus - which has killed more than 44,000 people - transmits from person to person.


She replied: "We should just be careful. I've not been in lockdown at all.

"I go out and if I go in a coffee shop I sit the legal distance. In a restaurant I sit at a legal distance.

"In the places I've been I ask if they've had the virus and they say no because they've been careful."

She continued: "The money the government is going to spend we can't afford it. We've got a good national health but if we don't have a good economy we won't have a good national health."

In an earlier appearance on Good Morning Britain, she also revealed that her husband has been ill during the pandemic.

"When we went into lockdown, I went out every day. I was careful, I went out every day shopping. My husband was ill.

"But I went out every day."


"The thing I can't understand is, we're having these lockdowns... how many of these can we afford?

"The people who are going to suffer the most are the young ones, and all the unemployed, and the businesses that are going out of business because of this lockdown.

"Don't mess about for god's sake, take care of all the elderly people. And the vulnerable, there are some young people who are vulnerable, and they need looking after, and all the rest of us, take care, go out."

It bears repeating - if you get symptoms, please isolate as well as wearing a mask and staying a safe distance from others.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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