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Protective dad makes son's teacher cry

Protective dad makes son's teacher cry

A father has asked on the popular Reddit thread is he the asshole after he made his son's teacher cry.

Oh boy, we have a doozy for you.

A father has asked on the popular Reddit thread 'Am I The Asshole?' whether he is the asshole after he made his son's teacher cry.

"Last Thursday I, 36M [36-year-old male] got a call from my son's school telling me I needed to come and collect him because he had passed out during class. My son has passed out a good few times before, so we've made sure he knows what to do when he starts to feel faint to make sure he doesn't hurt himself," he began.

The Redditor went on to explain that when he arrived at the school, his son had an icepack on his forehead. The nurse explained that he had hit his head when he fell.

The son later told the father that he had tried to tell the teacher that he felt like he was going to pass out but she didn't believe him. She later made him participate in an activity where he had to stand up for the rest of the class time.

"Then, his class was doing an activity that required standing for practically the rest of the lesson, before the activity started my son, yet again told this teacher that he felt like he was going to pass out and asked if he could sit the activity out. The teacher responded by yelling at him, claiming he was just being lazy and was making excuses," he wrote.

"My son's friend was getting worried about him so he told the teacher, who then started yelling at his friend, accusing them both of trying to get out of the lesson. Not even a minute later my son passed out, and according to his friend and a couple other classmates, she acted very shocked, as if she hadn't been ignoring him trying to tell her how he felt for the last five minutes."

The father then explained that the following Monday, he made an appointment with the principal and preceded to yell at the teacher.

"After I explained what had happened, he called in my son's teacher, who then tried to deny the fact that he ever told her anything and he had just randomly collapsed," he explained.

"This is where I may be TA [the asshole]. By this point I was pissed, I began to scream at her, yelling about how my son could have gotten hurt. I was so pissed I hadn't even noticed that she'd started to cry. By that point I was asked to leave by the principal."

The Redditor said that some people in his life think he was in the right, while others think he went too far.

One user said: "NTA. The teacher repeatedly yelled at your son, berated him, caused him to injure himself physically and quite possibly scared him away from communicating his needs in the future. She is a bully."

Another commented: "I’m a teacher. I yelled at a kid this year for misbehaving when it turned out they actually hadn’t, and made a situation they were involved in worse.(Two kids were MIA, third came back at the same time but I didn’t realise kid three had been with the counsellor and had permission from their homeroom teacher. I yelled at all three)."

"Teachers are human. Should the teacher have been given a health plan to follow if your kid was experiencing ongoing health issues? Absolutely. But at the end of the day, when you eff up, you don’t double down, you fix it."

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