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Pubs Could Stay Open Longer For Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Pubs Could Stay Open Longer For Queen's Platinum Jubilee

There's a consultation going on which could see opening times extended by two hours next June to mark the Queen's 70th anniversary

Pubs could be set to stay open for even longer to allow many people in the UK to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee next year.

Whether you’re an avid monarchist or an avowed republican, that’s certainly a tune we can all dance to.

Government ministers have started off a consultation on extending the allowed licensing hours for venues that serve booze in England and Wales from 11.00pm until 1.00am over the long weekend.

That means that on Thursday, Friday and Saturday between 2 June and 4 June, you could have a whole two extra hours in the pub, should you so desire.

Get stuck in.
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Announcing the plans, Home Secretary Priti Patel said: “Her Majesty The Queen is an example to us all – she has served the UK and the Commonwealth with the utmost dignity, steadfastness, and resolve throughout her remarkable reign.

“The platinum jubilee is a truly historic occasion, and it is right that the country should mark this celebration in a special way.

“This extension will enable families, friends and communities across England and Wales to raise a glass to toast Her Majesty The Queen and mark her incredible service to our country.”

Obviously, the entire hospitality industry has suffered during the pandemic, and continues to suffer at the moment as the Omicron variant surges and keeps people at home.

So, any chance to get a few extra quid into the coffers will likely be seen as a massive benefit.

The consultation will take in opinion from the police, alcohol awareness groups, licensing authorities, and other key parties. The general public will also be invited to submit their views.

If they all agree to it after the month long period, then it’ll go ahead as planned.

As well as a couple of extra hours in the pub, there will no doubt be those who want to organise a celebration for the Queen, who will have been on the throne for 70 years.

She was crowned on 2 June 1953, but she’d actually been given the crown on 6 February 1952 after the death of her father George VI.

The Queen has been on the throne for 70 years next year.

To mark that occasion, there will be street parties, a thanksgiving service, a so-called ‘Platinum Pageant’, and a concert, as well as the Trooping of the Colour.

Basically, there will be a lot of stuff going on.

Not that you’ll have to get involved, perhaps you can just treat it as a nice four-day bank holiday weekend.

Whether you’re planning to get involved or not, the fact is that Queen Elizabeth has been around in the public eye for a very long time.

She became the longest-serving monarch in 2015 and will become the first to ever reach the platinum jubilee milestone.

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