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Man who visited over 4,500 pubs shares place in the UK that has the best pub

Man who visited over 4,500 pubs shares place in the UK that has the best pub

This man takes his love for a pint to another level

Most people like popping down to their local pub for a cold pint on a Friday night.

And although they may occasionally pop over to somewhere else, they'll always have a soft spot for the drinking hole that's nearest and dearest to them.

But for one man, there's no limit to how many pubs can be visited.

Gavin Ellis has visited more than 4,000 pubs.

Gavin Ellis has frequented over 4,500 pubs across the British Isles, keeping track of his travels on a spreadsheet.

He began the ultimate pub crawl back in 2006, and has had a cold one in some 4,524 in the eighteen years since.

However, one pub stands head and shoulders above the rest in his estimation.

Ironically, the pub is no longer standing.

He said: "I actually only live a mile away or so from the Crooked House, the pub that hit the headlines last summer for all the wrong reasons.

"That was an amazing place, such a shame what happened to it!"

The Crooked House pub dominated headlines last summer when it burnt to the ground, shortly after it was sold to a Warwickshire based firm.

Police launched an investigation into the cause of the arson, suspecting that arson had taken place.

Beyond the ill fated Crooked House, Ellis wagers he has visited more than 5,000 pubs worldwide.

However, when downing drinks abroad, he isn't keeping on top of his record keeping: "I'm always enjoyed travelling round the country and checking out the pubs wherever I am."

Speaking to the Daily Star, Ellis revealed that he'd been into his beer for a while: "I amassed a collection of over 1,000 [cans] which I displayed on shelves in my bedroom.

Gavin Ellis has a passion for pubs.

"I finally ran out of space and as they were proper dust gatherers I recycled them all.

"It was in 2006 that I thought I would start keeping track of what beers I had drank I the new drinking places I visited while travelling round and I've been keeping track ever since!"

Having been a list keeper since he was a kid, it came naturally to Ellis to star documenting his boozer visits like this.

His spreadsheet is kept in alphabetical order by location name and demonstrates that he's travelled the entirety of the UK to taste what the country has to offer.

Ellis isn't the first bloke to have be a serial pub visitor.

One couple have also attempted to visit every one in Blighty, racking up 23 a day on average and spending around £15,000 to do so.

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