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You can now stay at Karen's Hotel to get the full rude experience

You can now stay at Karen's Hotel to get the full rude experience

The viral restaurant chain has expanded into another area of the hospitality industry to offer up a ridiculously rude overnight stay.

If you haven't had your fill of verbal abuse, bad manners and public ridicule after a date at Karen's Diner, why not book yourself in for the full experience at Karen's Hotel?

That's right - you can check in for a bonanza of brash staff and blunt comments which promises to be 'the worst hotel stay you'll ever encounter' that will make a cesspit B&B in Skegness seem like a night at The Ritz.

The viral restaurant chain, renowned for offering service with a frown, are expanding their business model to accomodate those who don't want the Karen's Diner experience to end.

The Australian-American firm, who dish out a deliberately unpleasant dining experience, have partnered with The Hadley Hotel in Barnet, North London, to launch their new concept which brings Karen's out of the kitchen and into another realm of the hospitality industry.

Guests are greeted by rude hotel staff and waiters, shunted into messy rooms 'where you never know what you will find' and reminded that employees 'will do their best not to take care of your needs'.

You can then get wined and dined at the hotel's very own Karen's Diner, if you don't mind taking your meal with a side of trash-talk and constant torment.

If you thought Karen's Diner was bad, you've seen nothing yet...

It'll set you back around £179 for the package deal for two people - which includes the room for your stay, a meal at the rude restaurant and your breakfast the following morning... if you make it through all the nuisances in the night.

Customers are reminded on the Karen's Hotel website: "Please note that your booking is not confirmed until we call you and F'ing confirm it, and for the love of Karen, don't ask to speak to the manager."

Think you're hard enough?

Well, Eddie Hall - better known as The Beast and former World's Strongest Man - decided to take his young son Max along for a night away. The only catch was, they were booked in at Karen's Hotel and the kid had no idea initially.

After less than 24 hours in the place, he dubbed it the 'craziest overnight challenge he has done', so you can imagine how his evening ended up going.

Eddie Hall checked into Karen's Hotel with his son Max.

Eddie vlogged the whole thing and uploaded it to his YouTube channel to give potential customers a glimpse of what they're in store for.

The father and son strode into the reception and politely asked to check in, only to be greeted by a sour faced receptionist who asks them: "What do you want? Are you going to tell me your name? How many are staying?"

Referring to 10-year-old Max, she asked: "Is this your pet sperm?"

The receptionist shows them to their room while adding: "Do you need any help with your bags? Ah that's a shame. Carry them yourself."

Eddie and Max walk in to find a staff member lounging around on their unmade bed watching Squid Game - while another emerges from the toilet after dropping a nuclear bomb in there, if you know what I mean. And, she didn't even flush!

The former World's Strongest man found his pillows were filled with styrofoam and tissues.

"This is where we take our breaks but you know, your here now so," one of the Karens quips.

The duo find that their door is beeping non-stop, their pillows are stuffed with tissue and styrofoam, there is no toilet roll or towels and there's a second-hand bar of soap for them to scrub up with.

A warm welcome indeed.

Staff tell Eddie they've made him brownies as a treat - only for him to take a chunk out of one and discover that the so-called cakes are actually dish sponges covered in chocolate.

When he realises their TV is stuck in a foreign language, he rings the reception to find out to fix it and is told to learn a new language. You get the gist.

Even if you're not considering booking a night in hell at Karen's Hotel, it's worth watching Eddie's vlog just to see the ex-World's Strongest Man give a woman a lap dance to Ginuwine's Pony and get locked in a bog until he 'confesses' that his muscles aren't real and he blows them up every morning.

He's forced to sing Let It Go on karaoke 10.30pm, is disturbed at 2am by music blaring outside in coridoor - which he best described as 'taking the f***ing p**s' - and is woken up at 7.30am with a megaphone and a glass of water over his face.

"We got what we paid for, didn't we. The hotel was nice, food was nice, the service was absolutely f***ing awful, I'll give them that," Eddie said.

So, who's up for a stay at Karen's Hotel?

Featured Image Credit: The Hadley Hotel/Karen’s Diner

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