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Queen's corgis dubbed yapping 'moving carpet' that sent palace aides bonkers

Queen's corgis dubbed yapping 'moving carpet' that sent palace aides bonkers

She may have loved her dogs... but it turns out many on the royal staff feared losing chunks out of their ankles.

Queen Elizabeth II may have loved her corgis but turns out that many within the royal household held a very different opinion on the small army of dogs running about the grounds.

Apparently, the band of small yappers preceded Her Majesty like a 'moving carpet' at whatever palace she was residing at.

According to the Guardian, Prince Philip often muttered: "Bloody dogs. Why do you have so many?"

Trinity Mirror / Mirrorpix / Alamy

Susan, a spritely doggo that was to Elizabeth II on her 18th birthday, was the dog that started it all for the then-future Queen.

Susan was also the beginning of a somewhat nightmarish life for palace aides.

You see, the dog that started a lifelong love affair with the corgi breed was actually a bit of a cantankerous brat who liked to bite ankles.

As per the Guardian, she earned notoriety by nipping the ankle of royal clockwinder Leonard Hubbard and took chunks out of the legs and ankles of several royal aides, a detective, a police officer, and Grenadier guardsman Alfred Edge.

Staff were also said to be tripping over the wee creatures constantly, with one footman taking revenge into his own hands and spiked the dogs’ food with gin and whisky.

The dogs became tipsy and were tottering around the palace gardens afterward and the footman was instantly demoted, the Guardian reports.

The Queen and Prince Philip tour the gardens of Windsor Castle with two of their children, Prince Andrew, far right, and Prince Edward in 1973.
GRANGER - Historical Picture Archive / Alamy

So it is starting to make sense as to why those working within the royal estates may have avoided the merry little band of ankle-biters.

In 2009 the Queen decided to stop breeding dogs and eventually the once-glorious pack was whittled down to three.

Candy, who is now an elderly pooch, a young corgi called Muick, and another corgi puppy which replaced Fergus the dorgi (dachshund corgi mix) puppy, who died unexpectedly in May 2021.

So what will happen to the Queen's dogs now she passed on? Well, Prince Andrew has stepped up to the plate to care for the dogs.

At eighth in line to the throne, he probably will have enough time on his hands to care for the corgis.

He stepped down from public life in the wake of revelations about his friendship with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Andrew recently paid a £12 million settlement to Virginia Giuffre, with court documents showing he no longer needs to face trial for claims he sexually abused and raped Giuffre on three occasions while she was 17.

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