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The very biblical reason why the Queen's body left Buckingham Palace at 2:22 pm

The very biblical reason why the Queen's body left Buckingham Palace at 2:22 pm

Many have also speculated that with the Queen’s body leaving at 2:22 pm, it may also be in reference to her father King George VI.

As the Queen’s body left Buckingham Palace at 2:22 pm and arrived at Westminster Hall at 3 pm, many have speculated that there’s a biblical significance behind the timing.

According to Christians, the number 222 is a compelling message from the man upstairs himself as the scripture reveals it symbolises unity, love, and our relationship with God.

The number two alone bears notable significance as it also represents new beginnings, as it was the second day that God created the heavens while separating it from Earth and the ocean.

However, Christians have also theorised that the officials ensured that the Queen's body would arrive at Westminster by 3 pm, the same time that Jesus died on the cross.

Hugo Philpott/UPI

While the palace hasn't disclosed the exact reason for the timing, that hasn’t stopped the theories from spreading like wildfire.

Daily Mail also reported that the Queen’s body leaving at 2:22 pm could also be in reference to her father, King George VI. After he died in 1952 the bells rang 56 times at Windsor, one for each year of his life - from 1.27 pm until 2:22 pm.

Another reason for the timing could allude to the monarch’s Platinum Jubilee, which was marked this year on February 2022 (2/22), marking 70 years of the Queen's reign.

Stephen Chung / Alamy Live News

As the procession began Wednesday (September 13), mourners from around the globe gathered to say one last farewell to the royal in central London.

Prince William and Harry walked side by side behind The Queen's coffin, similar to how they did 25 years ago for their mother, Princess Diana.

Their father, newly crowned King Charles, marched ahead of them, just behind his mother’s casket, which was draped with the Royal Standard and the Imperial State Crown on a purple velvet cushion and a wreath of white flowers.

There was also a huge police presence as snipers were spotted ahead of the ceremony.

Footage of the ominous figures began circulating on TikTok, with one video sharing the caption, ‘Snipers in Edinburgh awaiting the queens arrival’.

Similar footage was shared with the words: "The ones you don't see in TV."

However, one person commented that the men were protecting everyone from assassination attempts that may unfold.

But it’s safe to say as we head into the week of the Queen’s official send-off, security will continue to ramp up and keep a watchful eye.

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