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Queen's Guard Reveals What Happens When They 'Need To Pee'

Queen's Guard Reveals What Happens When They 'Need To Pee'

The Queen's guard answered the internet's most important questions

A Queen's guard has given the inside scoop on what happens when one needs to go for a p***.

The royal guard took to Reddit to clear up 'a lot of false info and myths about what we do'.

Although they remained anonymous due to 'security reasons', the moderator of the group claimed that the supposed guard 'has supplied sufficient proof to the moderators'.

That being said, most of us will be aware of the stereotypical image of an 'unmovable' royal guard that stands still for hours on end.

But what happens when they need to go for a no.1, or possibly, even worse, a no.2?

Well, one enthusiastic person in the Reddit group decided to find out once and for all.


They asked: "Probably a very common question, but what do you do when you need to take a p***?"

To which, QueensGuard62, replied: "To be honest, normally we’re good at just going to the toilet just before we go in duty and we are okay for the duration of duty.

"If it’s really bad, and you p*** yourself, then you p*** yourself, but you might have to wear those trousers again in a few hours.

"Yes if you go you go, nothing anyone can do, but you’ll probably get laughed at."

Someone else asked: "Have you met any of the Royals? Did you get to pat the Corgis?"

QueensGuard62: "We meet royals now and then, depends what and where you are doing business, however anytime we are in their presence, we wouldn’t be relaxed enough to start playing with their pets unfortunately."


Another user wondered: "What is your training like?

"Are there elements of armed or unarmed combat? Nonviolent deescalation? Etc.?"

QueensGuard62: "In your initial training, you’ll do armed combat training obviously, but also we do unarmed training when we do things called battle PT.

"Also A LOT of people do boxing and martial arts.

"Also when we do work with the police we get sole extra or different training."

The guard was also asked just how do they keep 'that straight face'.

QueensGuard62: "Well despite popular belief, we don’t undergo laughing training, we just are expected to get on with it and be professional and mature.

"Also a big rumour, if you smile, you won’t just be fined hundreds of pounds and fired or whatever, you’ll get a few telling offs before any major action."

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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