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Rangers Supporters Urged To Behave As Fans Are Filmed Causing Mayhem In Seville

Rangers Supporters Urged To Behave As Fans Are Filmed Causing Mayhem In Seville

The Rangers fan stood on the railing a few seconds before his friend pats him on the bottom which prompts him to jump

Spanish residents are fuming after a Rangers fan was filmed jumping into the famous Plaza de España pond in Seville ahead of the Europa League Final. Watch below:

Curro Bono Borerro filmed the football supporter jumping onto one of the railings at the tourist attraction yesterday afternoon (17 May) before diving into the water.

The man, wearing an orange Rangers strip, headed towards the stone barrier of the pond area with his hands in the air.

Someone was heard shouting 'go', while others egged him on to jump into the pond.

Plaza de España.

Curro shared the video on Twitter yesterday (17 May) while slamming Rangers fans for making a 'mockery' of the city.

He wrote: “This afternoon we attended the trampoline jump in the Plaza de España.

“The great architectural project of the city was converted into an Olympic swimming pool.

“There are no millions of euros that justify this mockery of Seville.

“Let's stop this.”

Deadline News/Bono Borrero

Referring to the Spanish architect who designed the landmark, he added: “Right now, Rangers fans have decided to quell the heat with a comforting swim in the Plaza de España.

“Seville is being trampled, insulted and prostituted.

“What would Anibal Gonzalez think?”

Deadline News/Bono Borrero

The video has gained over 50,000 views and hundreds of comments, mainly from outraged locals.

One said: “They burst out laughing because they don't know what the Plaza de España means to Sevillians.

“It's a lack of respect towards Sevilla, this only happens when you put together tourists and beer.

“I don't see that surveillance or they haven't done anything about it."

They tagged the local council in, adding: “@ayto_sevilla to take action.”

Another said: “Mockery like this is held and the police do nothing.

“The event is very good because it brings money, but if we want to do this type of event we have to be prepared in everything, not only in having beer barrels ready.”

A third tagged the major in, writing: “They are going to destroy everything @Ayto_Sevilla @antoniomunozsev.

“Aren't you ashamed of how much it cost to fix this?

“But don't worry, Sevillians will pay for the damage.”

A fourth commented: “I’m freaking out, who controls this?”

Deadline News/Bono Borrero

This year's Europa League final will be held at Sevilla's Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán Stadium, which has a capacity of just over 42,000.

For those living in the UK, the match takes place on Wednesday, 18 May, and will be kicking off at 8pm.

Featured Image Credit: Deadline News/Bono Borrero

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