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Hip hop collective dumps Aussie rapper after anti-LGBT tirade during Sydney World Pride

Charisa Bossinakis

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Hip hop collective dumps Aussie rapper after anti-LGBT tirade during Sydney World Pride

Aussie rapper Spanian has been dropped by his record label like a hot potato in the wake of a bizarre social media rant in which he compared the Pride movement to paedophilia.

At the weekend, notorious rapper posted a video to his 250,000 followers in which he likened the LGBTQI+ community to ‘child groomers’.

In the clip, he says: “I’m f**king sick of this f**king perverted, putrid s**t, like a bunch of deadset paedophiles hiding behind some f**king gay pride.

“How far is this until youse are showing d**ks in the streets now?


“We’re not even men, we’re not women. We’re f**king this, we’re that, we’re a hundred different things. Forcing it upon us. We say nothing.

"Everyone’s too scared to f**king say something. Then it’s forcing it upon our kids.”

The rapper went on to condemn the controversial painting on Wynyard Street in Sydney's CBD, which showed a man wearing a leather bondage strap across his chest with a teddy bear head.


Spanian likened it to Balenciaga’s BDSM-inspired fashion campaign late last year, which sparked fury when children were photographed with teddy bears wearing the suggestive harnesses.

“Anytime I see any of these putrid maggots, trying to hide their little s**t, targeting kids, just like Balenciaga. It’s no f**king different what they are doing. Sick of this s**t, we’re done. The whole country is done. The whole world is done,” he says.

He adds: “What else do we have to accept? Because we’re too scared to talk because you cancel everyone else. What else? What else do you want to be called? Huh? What else do you want to teach our children? F**king sick of this. F**k ’em.”

The video resulted in significant backlash from the rapper’s fans.


One user penned: “I actually feel embarrassed and disappointed in myself over the fact I ever enjoyed anything you did.”

While another commented: “Hats off to all the cis men in the comments calling him out.”

Following the rant, Australian hip hop collective One Day cut ties with Spanian, calling his remarks ‘problematic’.


They added: “We have been deeply upset by Spanian’s actions over the past three days, and we acknowledge the harm caused by his Instagram video.

“Our company is no longer representing Spanian, effective immediately.”

The rapper has since posted a follow-up video in which he refuses to apologise for his comments.


“Hey guys, heaps of people were really offended about what I said the other day; I guess like what I really what to say is I’m sorry for absolutely f**king nothing, you putrid peasants," he says.

Ah, man. Stop. You’re just digging your own grave at this point.

Featured Image Credit: spanian.official/Instagram. Samantha Ohlsen / Alamy.

Topics: News, LGBTQ, Pride, Music, Australia

Charisa Bossinakis

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