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Relationship coach says men in relationships should be banned from having a ‘boys night out’

Relationship coach says men in relationships should be banned from having a ‘boys night out’

Jake Maddock reckons it's a sign of trouble in paradise and also wants the iconic 'boys weekend' canceled.

A controversial relationship expert has claimed it's time to put a ban on ‘nights out with the boys’ in order to maintain a healthy partnership.

Jake Maddock believes that people going on a night out without their partner is a sign of trouble in paradise.

He told FEMAIL, as per Daily Mail: “Acting single while in a relationship is no good.

“Don't go out by yourself. Don't do boys and girls holidays by yourself. Don't do boys or girls' nights out - none of that rubbish.”

What do you mean no more savvy b’s with the gals?

Maddock says that while ‘people do it all the time’, a night out on the town without your significant other isn’t the best idea.

He continued: “Going out clubbing by yourself, you are going out and doing shots by yourself at midnight, having a mad time dancing around.

“What is your partner doing? Sitting at home being sad, being lonely and wondering what you are up to.”

Or maybe they’re spending quality time with their mates as well.

The relationship ‘expert’ claimed that it isn’t ‘controlling’ to tell your partner that they are outlawed from going out and having fun with their friends.

Although he suggests that if you are going out that you bring your partner along.

It’s not the only controversial opinion held by Maddock, who seems to have made a career on a bunch of left-field relationship tips.

Some of his opinions range from believing men should fork out the cash for every date, women should lean into their feminine urges, and people should have sex on the first date.

One piece of advice that cause an uproar was that couples should be intimate two to three times a week.

He told Femail: “Men and women mature emotionally at different times. 

“According to experts, men take about ten years longer to become emotionally mature than for a woman.

“An older man is likely to be less commitment phobic and more decisive about where he wants to take the relationship. 

Some women claim his advice is burgeoning on being ‘dangerous’ and ‘predatory’.

According to Daily Mail, feminist writer Clementine Ford commented: “You have no qualifications to present yourself as a "relationship coach".

"Not only is advice like this really dangerous and predatory, but you don't even offer a reason why? These are just your personal opinions.”

Jake’s audience reaches over 460k on TikTok and 76k on Instagram, so be prepared to be hearing all about your friend who has banned their partner from leaving the house.

Featured Image Credit: Jake Maddock/YouTube. Rawpixel Ltd / Alamy.

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