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Princess Kate spotted out in public for first time since surgery after concerns over whereabouts

Princess Kate spotted out in public for first time since surgery after concerns over whereabouts

She has been spotted for the first time since undergoing surgery

Kate Middleton has been spotted in public for the first time following her surgery.

The Princess of Wales was seen out, just a mile from her cottage home in Windsor on Saturday (16 March), being described as looking 'happy, relaxed and healthy'.

The boost highlights that the Princess is working towards a return to fulfilling her royal duties, after taking a step back to deal with health issues.

Princess Kate was seen on a trip to her local farm shop in Windsor, as a witness revealed: “After all the rumours that had been going round I was stunned to see them there.

“Kate was out shopping with William and she looked happy and she looked well.

“The kids weren’t with them but it’s such a good sign she was healthy enough to pop down to the shops,” they explained.

As well as this, it has been reported that her and Prince William spent Sunday morning watching their children George, Charlotte and Louis play sports, as the whole family have been seen together for the first time in months.

The princess hasn't made a public appearance since the turn of the year.
Stephen Pond/Getty Images

The latest news comes after last week's Mothers Day photo controversy where the Princess posted a photo of her with her kids, but she later admitted to it being edited after much public scepticism.

The ensuing gossip and speculation around her health have reportedly left the couple 'devastated'.

Kate last carried out public royal duties on Christmas Day last year, having had an abdominal operation in January.

She was not expected to resume royal duties until the Trooping of the Colour in June, but it has recently been reported that she could make her return on Easter Sunday, joining the family for its traditional walk to church in Windsor.

According to The Sunday Times, Palace sources revealed that Kate is eager to lift the lid on her health battle, but only following her return to royal duties.

A friend said: “She and William are at their most open when out interacting with the public.

“I can see a world in which the Princess might discuss her recovery out on engagements.

“If she was going to do it, that’s how she would do it.

“They appreciate the public’s love and affection for their children and know there is a public appetite to see them on their birthdays,” they explained.

The Princess at the Christmas morning service at Sandringham Castle.
Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty

In an official statement from Kensington Palace, they revealed that Kate was healthy, and would offer only significant updates during her recovery.

The friend further added that the couple will only open up on the situation once they feel ready, and will not feel rushed or pressured by the public to speak.

Several conspiracies have risen following the Princess' absence from royal duties and the controversially edited Mothers' Day photo, and they haven't seemed to slow down amidst all the updates.

King Charles is reportedly determined to attend the Trooping of the Colour event if he is healthy enough, as he battles with cancer.

LADbible have reached out to Kensington Palace for comment.

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