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Residents find rude messages spray painted on their road but say they ‘find it funny’

Residents find rude messages spray painted on their road but say they ‘find it funny’

"If it gets attention I think that is probably a good thing in the end"

Ancaster residents awoke at the weekend to discover that one of their pothole-laden roads had been covered in rude graffiti complaining about the state of the road.

The spray painted messages, plenty of which contained offensive swearwords, pointed towards a number of potholes on the road and complained about the problems.

Messages such as 'fix me I'm f**ked' painted over the road and 'do me again' next to a pothole already filled in were all over Ermine Street, Ancaster.

The mysterious graffiti artist painted over the potholes on the street.

Accompanying the messages were also jokes that the graffiti artist was 'gonna run out of paint' and getting 'bored now'.

Despite the rude language used in some of the messages, plenty of the local residents didn't mind the graffiti as they'd rather see the potholes get fixed sooner rather than later.

According to the BBC, local residents welcomed the graffiti and said they thought it was 'quite funny'.

One person said that 'if it gets attention I think that is probably a good thing in the end', while another said the 'terrible' road made their houses shake when lorries hit the potholes.

People spotted rude messages had been daubed across their road.

Lincolnshire County Council said repairs to the road had already been scheduled to take place in March, with Richard Davies saying 'vital funds' for repairing the roads had been diverted towards cleaning up the graffiti.

He said: "The damage to the road surface has become worse over the recent very cold snap, with some temporary repair works being lifted out of the holes as traffic drove over them.

Even some of the potholes already filled in didn't pass muster with the graffiti artist.

"We have a crew going to site as soon as possible to make further temporary repairs to the parts worst affected."

"These works were measured up and ordered before the graffiti happened and when our officers went on site to do this, they were met with verbal abuse - which is something we will absolutely not tolerate."

Ermine Street has been in a shocking state thanks to all the potholes.
Facebook/Dr Caroline Johnson

This work continues the proud tradition of highlighting problematic potholes with graffiti, although many people who grab a can of spray paint decide to daub giant penises over the potholes rather than messages.

Another popular solution people have is to paint rude messages on their roads around the potholes to spur local authorities to fix the problem.

Locals found the work by the unknown artist pretty funny.

The thing is this stuff does often work as it gets the potholes filled in by councils who would rather their roads weren't covered in paintings of penises and plenty of other rude messages.

As long as it keeps working, people will keep doing this sort of thing, and there are plenty of locals who would rather get things sorted as soon as possible.

Featured Image Credit: BBC Look North

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