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Russian Man Shows Off His Huge McDonald's Stash After Store Closures

Russian Man Shows Off His Huge McDonald's Stash After Store Closures

The stockpile looks set to last a while amid Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine

This week, McDonald’s announced the temporary closure of all its Russian restaurants in a bid to condemn the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine

However, some Russians citizens were evidently not ready to go without their Maccies. 

One man in particular made it his mission to stockpile the beloved burgers – and his hoard looks set to last a long time. 

Taking to Reddit, his friend captioned the photo: “McDonald's is [...] closing in Russia here is my friend’s stash.” 

Low and behold, his fridge is pictured full to the brim with Maccies burgers, alongside all the kitchen essentials, such as a pineapple. 


Reddit users took the opportunity to share their best McDonald’s-related puns, as one commented: “Behold... the hoarder pounder.” 

Another wrote: “Hoarders without borders."

A third added: “Mchoard.” 

One commenter clearly saw the opportunity to make some financial gains, writing: “If it’s not for personal consumption, it sure is a good business opportunity to sell stale burgers at a jacked price.” 

According to another user, various McDonald’s items are already being sold on the Russian-equivalent of eBay at inflated prices. 

Who knew Maccies would become such a hot commodity. 

On Tuesday (8 March), McDonald’s announced the closure of 850 restaurants in Russia in a bid to respond to the country’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine. 

Angry customers had previously taken to Twitter with the hashtag ‘#BoycottMcDonalds’ in a bid to pressurise the company to pull out of Russia. 


Finally, CEO Chris Kempczinski shared an email on Twitter announcing the temporary closure of all its restaurants due to the ‘unspeakable suffering to innocent people’ in Ukraine. 

He continued: "The conflict in Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis in Europe has caused unspeakable suffering to innocent people. As a System, we join the world in condemning aggression and violence and praying for peace. Our number one priority from the start of this crisis has been – and will remain – our people." 

Kempczinski went on to state McDonald's has ‘provided immediate financial support to our team in Ukraine’, and that it is continuing to pay full salaries for Ukrainian employees as the conflict continues to unfold. 

The company has also donated $5 million to its Employee Assistance Fund, and supports ‘relief efforts led by the International Red Cross in the region’. 

Prior to the closure, hundreds of Russians were videoed scrambling to their nearest restaurant, eager to get their hands on one last meal. 

Other photos showed fast food lovers waiting it out in the freezing cold in an attempt to nab a meal. 

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/Alamy

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