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Period dignity officer who was sacked after backlash launches sexual discrimination lawsuit

Period dignity officer who was sacked after backlash launches sexual discrimination lawsuit

Jason Grant has hit back after he was fired due to the extreme backlash at a male appointment to the women's health position.

The man who was let go after being hired as a period officer for the Period Dignity Working group is now filing a lawsuit against them, claiming workplace ‘sexual discrimination’.

BBC News reported that Jason Grant will be represented by Employment law specialist Ryan Russell of MML Legal, who will pursue the case under the 2010 Equality Act.

While Grant was expected to serve as a period officer for the Tay region and help distribute free period products in public areas, Mr Russell revealed that Grant was abruptly fired after receiving written confirmation following the public backlash.

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He said: "The partnership chose to remain completely silent in the last few weeks until publicly announcing his dismissal from the post.

"During this time, the partnership said nothing whilst Jason came under constant attack from all around the globe.

"There are many legal issues arising not only from his appointment but in the decisions that have been made not to support Jason or stand by their appointment which could impact his health, career and future prospects.

"If Jason was not a man, would he have been dismissed from the role? How would you feel if this was a member of your family."

Last month, after Grant was hired, many were left outraged as they believed a woman would be better suited for the role.

Barrister Charlotte Proudman wrote on Twitter: “In the UK, 1 in 10 girls can’t afford to buy menstrual products. I remember at school, girls used sanitary pads because tampons were unaffordable.

“What experience does Jason Grant have of this? I'm all *for* men's support - but let's have women lead on our experiences.”

While columnist for The Scotsman newspaper Susan Dalgety told Sky News Grant's hiring ‘takes mansplaining to a new level’.

Period Dignity revealed that since announcing Grant as a new team member, they had received ‘threats and abuse’, which led them to cut the position entirely, as per The Guardian.

A spokesperson issued a statement: “It is regrettable that given the threats and abuse levelled at individuals in recent weeks, the period dignity regional lead officer role will not continue.

“Meanwhile, support will continue to be provided to the colleagues and students who have been subjected to personal attack. Their safety and wellbeing is of paramount importance.”

The group has since revealed they will work on ‘alternative ways’ to provide period support, according to BBC News.

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