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People are sending their worn out sex dolls for 'rejuvenating' spa days so they come back good as new

People are sending their worn out sex dolls for 'rejuvenating' spa days so they come back good as new

Galmato Haven promises to treat your scuffed and stained doll like a queen

If your sex doll has seen better days, we've got some good news for you as there's now a place it can go to be fixed up good and proper.

Galmato Haven bills itself as the 'first and only official realdoll certified repair centre' and offers a spa retreat for worn out dolls, providing them with 'the ULTIMATE in rejuvenation'.

Their team of technicians promise to treat your special companion like a queen and send it back to you as good as new, repairing any scuffs or stains it has probably (definitely) suffered over the years.

"After a day (or days) of head-to-toe repair, retouch, and pampering she’ll come back home to you looking like the first day she arrived," the company's website reads.

Galmato Haven will treat your sex doll like a queen.
Galamto Haven

"Galmato Haven is your trusted source for selling and buying dolls.

"Our professional consignment service includes full restoration of dolls placed for sale, so buyers know they are getting a quality product every time."

The spa day is only available to customers who have already purchased one of the real doll consumer protection plans, which last either 36 or 60 months and will set you back $895.

But if you don't already own a sex doll, fear not, Galmato Haven can sort you out on that front too, no bother at all.

They also offer a range of new and used sex dolls.
Galamto Haven

And if you're not bothered where it's been, the better, because the firm also offers a range of 'certified pre-owned' dolls, which I assume (and desperately hope) have been given an extra thorough clean.

The extensive collection includes heads, torsos and full dolls, and you will be pleased to know that not all have been sullied in the past.

However, they seem to have had a run on their stock, because there's not many left, so if you're planning on nabbing one, you better move quickly.

One of those on offer is Michelle, which is 'unused' and will set you back $5,000 (£4,151).

Her advert says: "This blue-eyed beauty comes from an owner who quickly figured out synth-life isn’t for him.

Harmony is priced at $8,500.
Galamto Haven

"She has a type A insert and French manicure."

Or you could go for their most expensive product, an AI head, called Harmony, which is priced at $8,500 (£7,057).

According to the advert: "This talkative beauty is looking for a new place to call home.  She’s in great, but not perfect, shape. 

"The head is in perfect functioning condition, but the body has a few small defects. 

"There is some mild dimpling in the left breast. The factory suggests that regular massage can help to clear this up. 

A few minor nicks in the body have also been corrected."

Featured Image Credit: Galmato Haven

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