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Man who claims he's Charles and Camilla's secret son says he can't look at his children following Queen's death

Man who claims he's Charles and Camilla's secret son says he can't look at his children following Queen's death

A man that says he's the secret son of Charles and Camilla can't bear to look at his own kids.

A man who claims he's the secret son of Charles and Camilla sats he can't bear to look at his own kids following the Queen's death.

Simon Dorante-Day has been out to prove that he's the lovechild of King Charles and Camilla since the 1990s, regularly posting 'evidence' on Facebook claiming he bears a strong resemblance to the Royals.

Now, as the country mourns the death of the Queen, Simon has spoken out about his 'grief'.

Simon was born in the UK and adopted at eight months old, with both of his adoptive grandparents working for the Queen and Prince Phillip.

He claims his parents regularly told him he was the son of Charles and Camilla, who he claims secretly conceived him in 1965, when the King was just 17 years old.

Apparently, he was kept a secret from the world and given up for adoption, with his own middle name of 'Charles' allegedly pointing towards his alleged biological parents.

As you might expect, the Royal Family have never responded to Dorante-Day's claims.

Over the past few years, the Aussie bloke has been vocal about his relation to the Royals, even sharing photographic 'evidence' on Facebook, with side-by-side comparisons of himself and the Queen.

He captioned the image 'a picture speaks a 1000 words' as others on the social media site were stunned by his likeness to the late monarch.

Simon claims the new monarch is his father.
Phil Rees / Alamy Stock Photo

It's a likeness that apparently makes it hard for Simon to look at his kids now he's mourning the Queen's passing.

He explained to 7News: "It's hard at the moment because every time I look at one of them [his children] I see her.

"So that kind of brings the grief on."

He went on to explain the strange position he feels placed in, as he continues to allege that he's the son of the new king.

He said: "A lot of my friends are also mourning that the Queen's passed, and they're quite sad. To see them brings it back. It's right in your face, it's not something you can ignore."

Simon is currently pursuing a legal case to prove he's the son of King Charles and Camilla.

He continued: "There has been a discussion in there between a judge and myself and his barrister about the legal standing of Charles, and whether the monarch is protected by the law or is above the law."

"And the answer to that was no - they told me that we don’t see any reason why he is.

"And secondly, Camilla and her family are certainly not above the law. So that argument’s already been had and settled."

And, according to Simon, Charles becoming King should have little impact on his case.

He concluded: "A lot of people were concerned that when Charles rose to be monarch that it would damage my case.

"But it’s not going to make any difference legally, it’s still pressing ahead the same way."

Featured Image Credit: Simon Charles Dorante-Day / Facebook /Agencja Fotograficzna Caro / Alamy Stock Photo

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