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Drivers notice small garage selling fuel much cheaper than big name petrol stations

Drivers notice small garage selling fuel much cheaper than big name petrol stations

The garage has been praised for keeping the cost of petrol low

With petrol prices going through the roof of late, many motorists have been struggling to fill their tanks.

But a small petrol station in a Herefordshire village has been praised for keeping prices low.

Griffiths Garage in Leintwardine went viral this week when a customer posted a photo of its prices for petrol and diesel, which were much cheaper than some of the bigger forecourts around the country.

In a photo of the garage shared to Twitter, unleaded is seen priced at 157.99 while diesel is just 169.99.

To put that into perspective, the average price of unleaded and diesel across the UK right now is 178.93 and 189.30, respectively.

Sharing the pic to social media, the customer said: "So a tiny village garage in Herefordshire can manage this, but not the mega-stations of Shell, BP, Esso etc? Pic taken ten minutes ago."

Since then, the snap has been liked more than 3,000 times, with people piling into the comments to praise the garage for maintaining low prices at a time when people are really struggling with the cost of living crisis.

"Send the postcode, I'm on my way!" joked one.

And it looks like they're not the only one heading down to enjoy the saving.

Another user took a picture from the garage, which showed a huge line of cars queuing up outside to fill their tanks.

They said: "The queue has stretched down to the bridge again today and has been like it for several days..frustrating for the folks that live and work around here."

Speaking to LADbible, a member of staff from Griffiths Garage said they were passing on the saving of the wholesale price to their customers.

They said: "Our price is reflecting what the wholesale market was pricing at last week, and we’re just passing the fall on.

"We are very busy at the moment, we’re doing our best to keep queues down."

Earlier this week, a man was seen going to a local petrol station and refusing to pay more than £7.

See what happened:

In the clip, he fills up his tank before saying: "I've seen this video yesterday of a guy [at] Shell petrol station.

"He went in, got himself some fuel and he only paid so much. And do you know what? I agree with him totally."

The man walks up to the counter and is told he owes £10, but he only hands over £7, telling the cashier: "That's all I'm paying you, because do you know what? You people are taking the p**s.

"The government are giving you a discount. Even the RAC have said that you received the discount, and you're not passing it down to your customers.

"And you're charging me astronomical prices and you're making money."

As the cashier calls for his colleague, the TikToker tells him 'I'm not paying it', adding that he's got his registration and to 'call the police' if they want to.

"I'm not stealing, I'm not refusing to pay you for it — all I'm paying for is what the government are allowed."

Featured Image Credit: Mark Dixon/Andrew Catterall/Alamy

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