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KSI And Logan Paul Will Turn Professional For Boxing Rematch

KSI And Logan Paul Will Turn Professional For Boxing Rematch

The rematch is set to take place in LA in November

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

KSI and Logan Paul's boxing rematch will be a professional bout in Los Angeles with Billy Joe Saunders on the undercard.

The two YouTubers are set to fight again at the Staples Centre on 9 November after their match last year ended in a draw, the Mirror reports.

Eddie Hearn will be promoting the fight, which will also see Saunders' defending his middleweight world title.

Devin Haney has also been reported to feature at the event.

Last August's fight between Paul and KSI (real name Olajide Olatunji) wasn't licensed, so in effect was a white-collar match. It ended in a draw after six three-minute rounds.

Two of the judges scored it 57-57, while the third went 58-57 in KSI's favour. It was the biggest non-professional boxing match of all time in terms of pay-per-view numbers, pulling more than one million customers.

In the immediate aftermath, both men said they were keen for a rematch to try and find a winner once and for all, but since then it's been a pretty slow process, with some fans wondering if it was ever going to happen.

Even KSI seemed to lose patience, recently posting on Twitter to say: "If this fight doesn't happen in the US by the end of the year, then let's bring it back to the UK and fight at the O2 next year.

"Whenever it was in the UK the fight actually got sorted. As soon as it's in the US, nothing f***ing happens. I'm bored now.

"So let's have this rematch in the UK already 'cos you know and everyone else knows you lost the fight that night."

He previously told Radio 5 Live he wanted the rematch to take place in 'early summer, so, like, May'.

Logan Paul (left) and KSI (right) drew when they fought last year.

And earlier this month, Paul shared a clip of the fight on his Twitter account with the caption: "One year ago today... who's ready for the rematch?"

The post quickly racked up the likes - more than 14,000 of them, in fact - and attracted hundreds of comments, with people predicting who was going to win while others wished him the best of luck.

Others just seem to want the pair to get on with it, with one person writing: "So it's been a year 'n y'all still didn't fight? Wow."

Well, you've not got too long to wait now, guys.

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