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KSI And Logan Paul DRAW In Their Long-Awaited YouTube Boxing Match

KSI And Logan Paul DRAW In Their Long-Awaited YouTube Boxing Match

We've been waiting a while for it, there's been a huge build up and a hell of a lot of banter, but now it's all over.

It was dubbed 'the moment we've all been waiting for' and the pair definitely delivered but the match ended in a majority draw at their YouTube boxing match that had people far and wide tuning in to watch.

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

And it was tense, both parties were laughing at each other with faces being pulled and even younger brother, and winner of the previous match, Jake Paul jumped in the ring at the end of the second round after a cheeky little punch from JJ.


The fight ended in the pair announcing that they will have a rematch with KSI saying he 'didn't care where it was' but they would do it again.

And Logan Paul 'thanked' KSI saying that he was allowed to 'realise' who he was and promised for a 'new Logan Paul'.

Before the fight took place, the pair backed themselves to win individually. Logan Paul put a 'cool million' on himself to knock KSI out in the third round.


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Betting wouldn't ordinarily be allowed in most legitimate sporting contests - but given that this wasn't actually a legitimate sporting contest so much as the plaything of two men already rich on the proceeds of fools, it was fair game.

On the other hand, KSI took aim at his rival's girlfriend, Chloe Bennet (Daisy Johnson on Marvels Agents of Shield). He put a bet on for her to 'throw in the towel'.


And at the weigh-in KSI looked past Paul to blow kisses at his opponent's team.

Paul turned the tables by whipping out some breath mints for KSI, before waving his hand in front of his nose to imply that his fellow YouTuber's breath was a bit too pungent for their close-up encounter.

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