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KSI couldn't make it to his friend's birthday so asked for his bank details

KSI couldn't make it to his friend's birthday so asked for his bank details

He made a generous offer to his pal after missing his birthday

KSI was so upset at missing a pal’s birthday that he asked for his bank details and promised to ‘sort him out’.

KSI, alongside his Prime co-owner Logan Paul, recently launched a Golden Prime competition to celebrate selling their billionth bottle of the drink with a £400,000 solid gold bottle of Prime up for grabs.

The challenge was to guess the correct combination within 48 hours otherwise the golden bar shaped like a bottle would be incinerated.

The golden bottle in London has been successfully won, but the one in New York was torched and dropped into molten lava.

And it turns out, he’s not just generous when it comes to his competition as Josh - better known as Chip - from The Fellas podcast revealed.

In a clip shared on YouTube, Chip explains that one year KSI - real name Olajide Olayinka Williams "JJ" Olatunji - couldn’t make his birthday but was happy to splash the cash to make things right.

Chip said KSI offered to ‘sort him out’ with some cash after missing his birthday.

Chip explained: “JJ once couldn’t make it to my birthday dinner - he was ill or something - and he text me while I was at the dinner he was, like, 'Yo, sorry I can’t make it man. Send me your bank details, I’m going to sort you out.'"

Now, I don’t know about you, but if a multimillionaire sent me a text asking for my bank details, I’d have my sort-code sent over before you could say ‘happy birthday, Chip’.

However, Chip declined the incredible offer - instead telling him ‘don’t worry’.

As you can imagine, Chips fellow podcasters were reeling after finding out that Chip had potentially turned down a large amount of free cash.

KSI has no problem splashing the cash on his pals, or fans for that matter.

But Chip went on to reveal that it wasn’t the first time KSI had been happy to part with his money - albeit to ‘mug him off’.

He continued: “There was this one time I was streaming Fortnite and JJ came in and donated me £1,500. He was, like, ‘here’s your rent, Chip’.

F***ing mugged me right off. But he sent it twice, by accident, so he sent £3,000.

“So I was, like, ‘ah JJ I’ll send this back, you’ve sent it twice.’ And he goes, ‘nah, keep it.’”

Well, it’s not like he’s short of a quid or two, is it? Paul recently revealed the staggering amount Prime had made in its second year.

Paul told Fox's Stuart Varney that in the second year since its launch, they've sold $1.2 billion (£980 million) worth of drinks.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube / The Fellas / Twitter/@MacmillanJc

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