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Floyd Mayweather Claims Paul Malignaggi Was Sent To Conor McGregor's Camp As A 'Spy'

Floyd Mayweather Claims Paul Malignaggi Was Sent To Conor McGregor's Camp As A 'Spy'

Is he joking?

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

There have been an awful lot of mind games from both camps ever since the fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather was announced.

The pair have taken jabs on social media, got crowds going at press conferences and had their say in interviews, but now we're a short amount of time away from finding out who'll come out on top.

As the clock ticks away, there's limited time to get their final mind games in, with Mayweather leaving perhaps his biggest until last.

He has claimed that Paul Malignaggi, who sparred with The Notorious in his training camp, was sent by him as a 'spy'.

In a video uploaded by the pair were seen together, and Mayweather revealed that 'Paulie has always been my friend'.

He then said: "My friend called me and said, 'Floyd, do you want me to go to camp?' I said, 'Abso-fucking-lutely'.

"Paulie going to stay at the house and talk about strategy and talk about everything.

"Don't you worry, Paul, thank you for going over there.

"He made it look good when he grabbed you and threw you down."

It's very possible that this is simply a joke in an attempt to rumble McGregor, but if it's true Mayweather's integrity could come into question. However, it appears that Malignaggi has since attempted to play down the scenario.

The former IBF Junior Welterweight and WBA Welterweight champion was drafted in to help McGregor train for his upcoming bout in Las Vegas on 26 August, but their relationship deteriorated after pictures surfaced online of McGregor apparently putting Malignaggi on the canvas.

On top of that, pictures of the 36-year-old looking worse for wear after some mean-looking shots from the two-weight UFC Champion went viral.

In the days following a sparring session, Malignaggi posted a statement explaining that he had decided to leave the Irishman's camp after just two sessions, with UFC president Dana White then releasing footage of the session with McGregor.

The footage shows McGregor's infamous 'knockdown' of Malignaggi in the ring. Was it a knock down or a push down?

Credit: Dana White

Malignaggi responded to the leak on Twitter, saying he wanted to see the 'full footage'.

As we mentioned earlier, pictures surfaced online of McGregor apparently putting Malignaggi on the canvas, but Malignaggi later dismissed the shot of him on the mat as a 'pushdown' rather than a knockout shot.

Plenty of McGregor fans took to Twitter to voice their opinion, and the American boxer fired back with several disparaging remarks about Notorious and the 'ass beating' he gave him during Tuesday's sparring session.

He said that McGregor 'whimpers like a girl' when he receives a body shot, but from the above footage released by Dana White, it looks like the UFC man has one up on Malignaggi.

You decide if Paulie 'beat his ass'.

Thankfully, the entire shit storm that has been kicked up by the fight will come to an end on Saturday.

Well, when we say 'end' we mean there'll be at least a few hours before someone brings it up again on Twitter.

Featured Image Credit: FightHype

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