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McGregor's Agent Says 'The Notorious' Is Ready To 'Shock The World'

McGregor's Agent Says 'The Notorious' Is Ready To 'Shock The World'

Conor's agent explains his focus, his drive and his advantages.

Michael Minay

Michael Minay

The T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, is ready to host one of the biggest, and most anticipated, boxing matches in history.

They don't need any introduction, but just in case you're wondering who we are on about, we're talking Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor.

The odds for McGregor, when the fight was announced, were long. 6/1 at many places, while others had it flipped for a Mayweather win.

Just hours before the fight, the odds have increased for the Irishman - a testament maybe to the hard work that the he has put in since moving across from the UFC.

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McGregor's agent, Audie Attar, told LADbible that they are more than ready for the fight.

"We're all fired up about it," he stated. "We're honoured to be part of it. We're really satisfied with the results of everything.

"We're looking forward to Conor shocking the world on Saturday and having a great ending to this story and the beginning of something greater as it relates to the next chapter of this journey."

Audie admitted that Floyd was the 'greatest boxer of our generation', showing the size of the task ahead of Conor, and added that he could 'understand the doubt', but stated there's many sides to Conor we haven't seen in the build-up.

"You see his [McGregor's] ability, his development, and there's a lot of things that the public may have only a slight inclination as to what has gone on.

"But our core team, we know that we believe that on Saturday August 26, Conor McGregor will shock the world again."

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Conor's focus, according to Audie, has been resilient when preparing to meet Mayweather.

He said: "Conor's zeroed in, his singular focus on Floyd, the kid rises to occasions like this. There are some people who in life, when pressure builds, their focus is lost, the anxiety and the nervousness kick in and they are not channelling the positive energy that they could be, and consuming energy.

"In his case, he gets to really zoned in, he is also very, very determined to outclass and outlast any opponent that is put across from him.

"I think he is so calm, and relaxed. People think that this is new territory for us, but for him it's like any other fight.

"When Conor goes and says, 'it's just another fight for me', he truly believes that, anything he says, he truly believes, and I think that, coupled with his skills and ability, work, and our attributes that we have from his standpoint will give him that competitive edge and that will be the difference as to what gives Conor McGregor the win on Saturday."

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Conor's advantage also lies in his age. Mayweather goes into this fight aged 40, McGregor has only just turned 29. 'Notorious' is so obsessed with developing his skills that his focus remains resolute.

"Conor's body is still developing as an athlete, as he continues to put in the reps and continues to grow I think that he will gradually see in his body, his movement and his skill-set, because he constantly works on his craft - I think that is the most important thing.

"With all these other qualitive genius moments he's had in his career - the commercial opportunities that you're seeing and the ventures we're launching - the number one focus for him has been his craft, he loves it so much, he continues to develop it and so the resulting factor is not only seeing a continued improvement in his performance in relation to fighting but the physical developments in his body as an athlete."

However, although Conor may seem a league above to us regular folk, his agent says that his drives are the same as anyone else's.

"He drives inspiration from different things, but he has his own goals and ambitions," explained Audie.

"A variety of different things, family, legacy, shared ambitions, for our children, for our country, I think there's a blend of different things for Conor.

"We all have those different drivers in our lives, that are forced, that can be an element of joy or fear and I think they can be both used appropriately to push you in that direction, and dare you to dream, and get you to work towards those dreams.

"Because that's what it's about at the end of the day, you can dream about it, and talk about it, but unless you go out and do it, it doesn't mean anything - but we've proven we do all of the above."

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Should Conor win on Saturday night, a return to UFC is most likely. He's openly stated that he wants to stay active and defend his belts. But that doesn't mean fighting another boxer is out of the question.

Audie told LADbible: "We're going up against the boxer of our generation, and make no mistake about it, we're not going in there to do anything other than come out with a huge victory and shock the world once again.

"I've not even thought that far [who he'll fight next], if I'm honest, I think it's always good to have options, I think right now if you look at it, we have options."

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