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Bodybuilder Martyn Ford Is Bringing New Levels Of Hench To MMA

Bodybuilder Martyn Ford Is Bringing New Levels Of Hench To MMA

Martyn Ford is an absolute beast and ready to tear up the MMA world. He hit a punching bag so hard it came off the wall

Rachael Grealish

Rachael Grealish

If you caught even a glimpse of the recent McGregor v Khabib fight you'll have, quite easily, clocked that MMA is not a sport for delicate people - in fact it's pretty brutal. But if you though the Khabib's choke-out on McGregor was savage, wait til you get a load of this guy.

Instagram/Martyn Ford

Poland's MMA organisation Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki recently added someone new to its line-up for 2019 - the actor and professional bodybuilder Martyn Ford. Don't be fooled by that friendly-sounding name; the 6-foot 8 beast is one of the scariest bastards you'll ever see enter the octagon.

Since signing up the 33-year-old has taken his training very seriously and has been documenting his progress on social media - which includes an incredible video of the 140kg hulk hitting a 100lbs punching bag so hard its bolted frame is ripped out the wall.

Ford didn't always dream of being a champion MMA fighter. No, his dreams were much tamer in the past - he wanted to be an England cricket player, but after a bad injury he found a new path.

Isntagram/Martyn Ford

He shared his journey in an Instagram post, speaking about how he overcame such a devastating point in his life.

He said: "I was lost when I finished playing cricket. I was convinced I would turn pro and that would be my life set out. With injuries, bad luck and just losing love for the game that never happened. But the void was never filled. I knew deep down I needed to succeed at something, that I had an ability to shine in some way.

"I have always been so focused and committed with a crazy ambition to win. Fast forward to today, I'm travelling the world with fitness, made two films with three more already lined up. Not to mention three businesses to my name."

Then his world opened to the MMA world two years ago, and now he has a new challenge - clearly Ford has no issue with strength, but he has been working on his dexterity and speed.

Bodybuilders are not famous for these traits, but he's really working hard to get ready for next season and showing massive improvements all the time.

He posted on Instagram saying: "Warming up, believe it or not, at one time I was incredibly flexible, it will come back, that much I do know. Reducing my weight training, increased stretching and flexibility, focusing on movements and being functional and explosive is now key."

Ford is set to make his debut in early 2019 - but from what we've already seen he might be giving Khabib a run for his money soon enough.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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