This Is How The Iceland Fans All Stay In Time When Chanting

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This Is How The Iceland Fans All Stay In Time When Chanting

So Iceland's' European dream has came to an end. The squad will now return home as heroes to party long into the night (not that it ever gets dark at this time of year).

During the team's jaunt in France they swept aside a truly terrible England sign with ease, one player earned himself a modelling contract, and their fans gained a load of exposure for their pretty terrifying war chant type-thing.

The 'huh' chant apparently has roots in Scottish football- one of the team here reported that Motherwell supporters have used the fearsome battle cry for years, which was then said to have been picked up by Icelandic side Stjarnan after the teams met in the qualifying rounds of the Europa League in 2014.


It is understandable that most were unaware of the chant until the Euros started because the Europa League is for total losers - except Liverpool fans who love to tell you it's very important.

The wall of noise that the fans emit is so dominating that one Portuguese journalist even wrote: "Don't cross Iceland, their Viking football chant is terrifying."

But what is the secret behind it? How do the fans stay in time and more effectively organised than the whole English team?


Well this fan video shows that a drum is actually used to keep time a little like a metronome.

As the pace of the drum speeds up, so does the clapping and chanting.

Words by Matthew Cooper

Lead Image Credit: PA

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