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The most hated TV character of all time has been voted for by fans

The most hated TV character of all time has been voted for by fans

Murderers, criminals, a singer and a Friend's character rank most hated

We all have that character who shows up in our favourite TV show and instantly causes our eyes to roll.

Maybe they killed someone you really liked or have a really irritating laugh, either way, you hate them. You wish they weren’t on the show and you’d vote them to be the worst of all time.

Ok, ‘hate’ might seem like a strong word, but let’s face it, we’re all guilty of experiencing it at some point during a telly binge.

And now the ‘most hated TV characters of all time’ have been revealed thanks to fans votes.

Ranker has compiled over 239.3k votes (so far) to find out viewers least favourite characters.

An earlier ranking shared to X revealed that three of the 12 most hated were from Game of Thrones, with a Friends and Glee character also making it to the list.

Yes, Friends and Glee.

This previous list was from a whopping 178,000 votes and caused quite a stir as a children’s TV character even made it in the ranking alongside actual criminals and murderers.

This viral ranking featured Game of ThronesJoffrey Baratheon in the top spot, with Ramsey Bolton from the show in second and Cersei Lannister in seventh.


Then among all this, there’s Caillou from an educational kids’ TV show being ninth most hated and main character, Rachel Berry from Glee in twelfth.

And Emily Waltham from Friends is in tenth – you know, the one who married Ross and tried to stop him from seeing Rachel.

Fans were fuming to see Breaking Bad’s Skyler White in third place, writing: “How is Skyler more hated than Cersei.”

As many others agreed: “Cersei deserves that top 3 spot if we’re being honest.”

Many agreed too: “Skyler White doesn’t deserve this amount of hate.

Whereas plenty were more bothered by: “My boy Caillou did nothing wrong,” and asked: “Wait wtf Calliou do?”

One pointed out: “Not Caillou on a list with legit murderers.”

Rachel Berry's more hated than murderers it seems.
FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

Since going viral on social media, the list is now up to its 239.3k votes (as of 24 November) and the top spots haven’t changed with Ramsey Bolton and Joffrey Baratheon not moving.

But things have taken a dramatic change since then, as Shou Tucker from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood lands third and, wait for it, Rachel Berry has rocketed up to fourth.

In fifth, it’s Todd Alquist from Breaking Bad, sixth is The Walking Dead’s The Governer and Livia Soprano takes seventh place.

Then, controversially moving further down, Cersei Lannister is in eight and Caillou has remained in ninth.

The Walking Dead’s Ed Peletier is in tenth and another Glee character has made it up with Will Schuester in eleventh place.

And another new addition, Pretty Little Liars’ Ezra Fitz is in twelfth.

So, looks like the Skyler White fans got their wish, but where would your most hated character rank?

Featured Image Credit: HBO/NBC

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