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UFC's Joanna Jedrzejczyk Left With Huge Swellings After Zhang Weili Fight

UFC's Joanna Jedrzejczyk Left With Huge Swellings After Zhang Weili Fight

Both women were taken to hospital after the bout

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

UFC fighter Joanna Jedrzejczyk was left with an horrific swelling to her forehead following her fight with strawweight champ Zhang Weili last night.


The pair faced each other at UFC 248, in a fight that is already been hailed as an early contender for UFC fight of the year.

Thirty-year-old Weili took the win in a split-decision from judges, with one scoring 48-47 to Jedrzejczyk and the other two scoring it 48-47 for Weili.

Both fighters were taken to hospital after the fight and images of Jedrzejczyk show just how hard Weili fought to retain her belt.

The Polish fighter looked unrecognisable due to the haematoma on her forehead causing massive swellings.

Online, people have shared 'before and after' photos of the fighter side by side, which shows the extreme swelling Jedrzejczyk was left with.

Speaking after the fight, Jedrzejczyk, 32, said: "You see my swellness, I felt this. She did great. There was something missing, but I felt all the punches you know.

"From the third round the swellness was bothering me and I felt it was just getting more and more swollen and my head was like going on and off. But all good, congrats Zhang and I'm very happy we gave you a good fight."

UFC boss Dana White told press that both women need to concentrate on getting over their injuries before they even consider thinking about a rematch.


White said: "Did you see what those two girls looked like after that fight? They're both in the hospital right now.

"They did not go to a press conference, they did not talk to press, they both went straight to the hospital.

"They need to go home, take time to heal up and everything else before I even mention a fight with either one of them again."

Featured Image Credit: UFC

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